Universal Studios is the theme park where The Simpsons Ride and a recreation of Springfield's most famous locations can be found. Alongside Krustyland (where the actual simulator ride is located), Universal Studios has a Kwik-E-Mart which is a gift shop replacing Back to The Future: The Ride's gift shop, with merchandise such as Kidrobot Toys, Slurpees, and T-Shirts.

In Universal Studios Florida's Springfield area, There is a Krusty Burger outlet, a Moe's Tavern, and a Cletus' Chicken Shack that replaced the International Food Festival dining location. There is another installation at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2015, replacing Doc Brown's Chicken, Hollywood Cantina, and the restaurants around The Simpsons Ride area, featuring the parts the Florida installation doesn't have including the Aztec Theater, the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Barney's Bowlarama, Springfield Police Station, Spinster City Apartments, King Toot's, Springfield Penitentiary, Springfield Elementary School, Herman's Military Antiques, Springfield General Hospital, and Krustylu Studios. The Hollywood installation does not include Kang and Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl like the Florida installation

The theme park is based on Universal Pictures, the studio that made movies at Hollywood.

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