Young Ned Spanking

Dr. Foster spanking Ned Flanders

The University of Minnesota Spankalogical Protocol is a treatment that involves eight months of continuous spanking sessions. Ned Flanders was subjected to the treatment by Dr. Foster at a young age after Ned's out of control behavior became too much for his parents.

It was intended to help Ned Flanders learn to control his behavior, but it later revealed that the protocol actually backfired and only resulted in Ned Flanders suppressing all of his negative emotions. Ned's anger was repressed where he could only express negative sentiments in a nonsensical way which later became known as his standard gibberish. When a chain reaction of stressful events happened much later in his life, where a hurricane destroyed his house and a crude attempt at reconstruction ended in a collapse, Ned lashed out in a series of angry outbursts as the repression of the experimental therapy hit a breaking point. After calming down, Ned committed himself to Calmwood Mental Hospital, where he was reunited with Dr. Foster. Dr. Foster explained the problems of resorting to such therapy and that there are acceptable ways for healthy release of anger.


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