These are known episodes that have not yet been scheduled to air or it is unknown which season it will air in. Episodes should only be moved into season pages when the press info from FOXFLASH is released which includes the following info; airdate, TV rating, plot, production code, and guest voices. This is usually released approximately a month before an episode's airdate.

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Guest voices

List of episodes

Title Production Code
"Podcast News"[1] ZABF22
"Sorry Not Sorry"[2] QABF01
"Three Dreams Denied"[3] QABF02
"A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas"[4] QABF03
"Dad-feelings Limited"[5]. QABF04
"Diary Queen"[6] QABF05
"Wad Goals"[7] QABF06
"Yokel Hero"[8] QABF07
"Do PizzaBots Dream of Electric Guitars?"[9] QABF08
"Manager Things"[10] QABF09
"Uncut Femmes"[11] QABF10
"Burger Kings"[12]. QABF11
"Panic in the Streets of Springfield"[13] QABF12
"The Man from G.R.A.M.P.A."[14] QABF13
"Mother and Child Reunion"[15] QABF14
"The Last Barfighter"[16] QABF15
"Treehouse of Horror XXXII"[17] QABF16
"No Day But Yesterday"[18] QABF17
"Bart's In Jail!"[19] QABF18


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