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Unnamed female bodybuilder (number eight) is a female bodybuilder who attends the Iron Maiden Fitness Pageant. She is seen wearing a teal cowgirl outfit and a pink bikini with the number eight button on it.

Role in the Simpsons

Unnamed female bodybuilder (number eight) clapping for Marge as she recieves the second place trophy

When the emcee for Iron Maiden Fitness Pageant introduces the iron maidens the curtains pull back on stage and she is seen in a pink bikini giving a single bicep pose. Afterwords, she is on stage dressed up as a cowgirl singing the song (The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance by Gene Pitney. While singing she heads toward the front of the audience and pats Professor Frink on the head. When the emcee declares Marge Simpson the second place winner, she is seen again in her pink bikini with a number eight button on her while she is seen standing next to and holding Marge's left hand. She than proceeds to clap and congratulate Marge for her achievement.

Physical appearance

She is depicted as extremely muscular, displaying toned arms, washboard six pack abs, defined thighs, and a muscular chest. Her face shows she has defined high cheekbones.

When the emcee first introduce the bodybuilders, she was depicted with blonde hair. However, for the rest of the episode she would be depicted with white hair.


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