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Phear da red Homer! Phear it!

Aaaaaaagh! What is that thing?!

I love Hugo! He’s adorable!

The rare anomaly known as Black Smithers.


This is indeed a disturbing universe!

About me

I write fanfictions over at the fanon wikia. And I love funny screenshots! Hence my userpage! Fear the wacky faces!

My Favourite characters.

  • Bart Simpson
  • Baby Bart Simpson. (He's cute as a baby!)
  • Hugo Simpson II (I made him canon in my fanfictions/fan episodes over at the Fanon wiki)
  • Curious Bear cub. (Especially his big shiny green nose! I like him to sniff Baby Bart!)
  • Black Smithers!

Favorite Episodes

  • Desperate Xeeking Xena.
  • The Thing and I
  • Wiz Kids

In my fanfictions Hugo, Stretchdude and clobber girl and Springwarts are canon! XD