I'm a casual user who likes to make helpful edits towards fandoms.   
hopefully I can help[[File:B578CA81-AC18-484E-9DAA-3CF5E6699D20.jpeg|thumb|1x1px]]   
==About me==   
''I’m a returning Simpsons wiki fan and I do a lot of edits.''   
i stand out by my amount of contributions   
==Favorite Episodes ==   
* Add links to your favorite episodes of The Simpsons here!   
* Favorite episode #2   
* Favorite episode #3   
==Favorite Characters ==   
* [[My Ding-a-Ling Kid|This kid]]   
* [[Construction Worker|Also this guy I guess]]   
* [[Homer Simpson|And uhh I guess I have to add a main character too…]]   
== Interesting facts ==   
* “Hm” is not spelt with two m`s.   
* About 97.5% people spell hm with two m`s.   
* You cannot edit with OBS. Only record.   
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