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This is me, Dahsimpsdons. I love Simpsons, even those couch, chalkboard and billboard gags - everything! Actually, I hadn't seen all Simpsons episodes, but I try to see as many as I can :)

This is where I live

My country at the Vancouver Olympics 2010 (with a big sign, spelling "Lithuania").

Lithuania. It's the country which was mentioned twice in The Simpsons. Those episodes are: "Boy Meets Curl" and "Hardly Kirk-ing".

  • "Boy Meets Curl": one of the participant countries was Lithuania.
  • "Hardly Kirk-ing": Marge, Lisa and Maggie went to Lithuanian center to watch "a puppit show". After puppets were starting to act violent, Marge wanted to leave, but an employee, dressed like knight, stopped her way and said: "No one leaves until all the puppets are dead" in a very heavy accent.

My ideal "Simpsons" opening

•Title screen gag: Flying dragons from episode "Goo Goo Gai Pan", Season 16.

•Billboard gag: "Worst Billboard Ever!" Comic Book Guy on it.

•Chalkboard gag: "I didn't steal Krusty's towels"

•Lisa's solo (not necessary): "In The Garden Of Eden" from episode "Bart Sells His Soul", Season 7.

•Couch gag: Simpsons find themselves in iCarly studio, while Carly and Sam comes. Homer yells: "Who are you, people?"

Btl hammertime.jpg

This one may not happen, but I'd like to see it someday. :)

What about me?

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"Behind The Laughter" gallery

Simpsons outside The Simpsons

Other gallery

To-Do List

  • Add all (as posible) gallery articles on episode articles.

To-Watch List (Season 23/24)

My return to the Wikia (thoughts actually)

Seems that I saw many pics disappearing. WHY?????

And it seems that all of the episodes will have their gallery page. "Thanks" to DJ MC something. >_<

My imaginary Simpsons characters

Sara Britt

From: United Kingdom

Parents: Felicia and Dave Britt

Age: 25

Hair: long red

Clothes: pink cocktail dress and golden shoes.

Info: She's cute, happy, loves to life. She often helps Springfieldians to host cultural events. Sometimes she's shy, but not always. She loves to live in America, but she often misses her home country, United Kingdom. Despite her being 25, she likes to act as a teenager.

Her adventures in The Simpsons (what she could do in The Simpsons):

  • She could be new art and music teacher in one episode. Because of her, Lisa could like her as a friend.
  • She could try to host some cultural shows in Springfield, like concerts, or maybe could be a TV reporter, instead of Kent Brockman. This thing would be for one episode too.

I will fulfill some more info about her later, but she's imaginary only. I'd like to see her in Simpsons someday, if it's able. :)

My Signature Sandbox

Dah Simps-dooooooons! You can tell me what to do and what NOT to do here. Thanks! 09:14, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

Dah Simpsdons I Am! ♥ You can either criticize or love me here. Once again, thanks! 17:45, October 9, 2012 (UTC)


I didn't watched all latest season episodes, so, I couldn't think about Nedna. I didn't voted in Nedna's question too. I might say that I was late to vote. But:

I should disagree, because someday creators of the "Simpsons" had revived Maude, but they never ever did. I wish to see her alive, because Rod and Todd could be not happy with their stepmother. (I mean that Edna and Ned married in "Ned 'N Edna's Blend".) After all, they started to go to school (Springfield Elementary School).

Why they didn't gave Seymour one more chance?

Nobody spotted "Nedna" on "Lisa Goes Gaga": Ned Flanders seemed to shown without Edna, when he saw Lady GaGa. Maybe she has been appeared in that episode, as being in the bunch of people, when Lady GaGa tried to cheer up Springfield. Plus, the 5 Season 24 episodes didn't had a word about it, but Edna appeared in "Moonshine River", only without Ned. And in "A Tree Grows in Springfield", Ned and Edna are seen speaking to each other.

Spongebob and Treehouse Of Horror Similarities

Treehouse of Horror II

Homer's Nightmare ("If I Only Had Brain") and "Welcome to the Chum Bucket" shares some similarities:

  • In "Spongebob", Plankton creates a Spongebob robot version and puts Spongebob's brain in it. But robot Spongebob acts like real Spongebob.
  • The same happened in third "Treehouse Of Horror" segment. Mr. Burns and Smithers creates a robot Homer and puts Homer's brain in it. Hovewer, robot Homer acts like real Homer.

Treehouse of Horror V

"Time And Punishment" and "Back to the Past" shares some similarities too:

  • In "Spongebob", Patrick and Spongebob gets back to the past, when their favourite TV series heroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, were young. They fighted againts Man Ray and they tried to trap Man Ray in Tartar Sauce, but unfortunately, Patrick ate Tartar Sauce. Because of that, their normal world became Man-Ray-Opolis, which was controlled by Man Ray,
  • The same happened in "Time And Punishment". After Homer killed a mosquito in the past, where dinosaurs still lived, his normal world became controlled by Ned Flanders.
  • Something, which neither belongs to "Spongebob", nor to "Simpsons": In "Jackie Chan Adventures", there is a tiny similarity to this in episodes "The Demon World, Part 1" and "The Demon World, Part 2". No one in this episode travelled via time machine, only demon Shendu rewrites The Book Of Ages, that he could rule the world, along with other demons. Everybody works to Shendu, except Jade, which has the piece of book, that didn't changed her. The Book Of Ages could be a parody of time machine.

Spiderman, Mermaid Man and Homer united?

Spiderman, Mermaid Man and Homer were bitten by radioactive insect (mostly - spider) and got their super powers:

  • Spiderman (Peter Parker) got bitten by radioactive spider (hence his name - Spiderman).
  • Mermaid Man was bitten by radioactive insect, according to the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy series in "Mermaidman Begins". This copies a lots of show, like how everything's started with Hulk or how Birdman meets Bird Boy.
  • "Treehouse of Horror XXII" segment, "The Divine Bell and Butterball" has entire end about that. But Homer firstly has got bitten by black widow and only later - by a radioactive one.

Other series and episodes

Most of ideas may be took from Simspsons, because I find, that for example "HOMЯ" premiered earlier than "Patrick Smartpants" (when show's dumb character (here - Patrick) becomes smart), and that show is "Spongebob" too.

Don't forget other series.

Simpsons movies, similarities and their trivia

The Lithuanian Simpsons, called "Simpsonai"

My home country also broadcasts "Simpsons", of course in Lithuanian. They are called "Simpsonai". They aren't dubbed, but voiced by same person. 1-2 seasons were voiced by Kristijonas Karinauskas, later he was replaced by Džiugas Siaurusaitis. Kristijonas was found dead in 2001.

The following characters are translated in Lithuanian (click on them to see, which character is which):

Simpsons family, pets and neigbours

Houmeris Simpsonas, Mardžė Simpson, Liza Simpson, Bartas Simpsonas, Megė Simpson, Mažasis Kalėdų Senelio padėjėjas, Sniegiukas II, Abrahamas Simpsonas, Selma Buvjė, Peti Buvjė, Nedas Flandersas, Modė Flanders, Rodas Flandersas, Todas Flandersas.

Springfield Elementary students and staff

Seimūras Lupikas, Edna Pikčiuvienė (Flanders), Inspektorius Čalmersas, Vilis... (more to be updated)


Tamsybių (Padėjėjas) Bobas, Storasis Tonis, Žaltys, Kengas ir Kodosas.

Media people

Niežtukas, Krapštukas, Kentas Brokmanas, Klounas Traškis... (more to be updated)

Goofs in translating

What "The Simpsons" team never tried

I see, that song, called "Gangnam Style" and sung by Psy is really popular. I was checking Simpsons Facebook (fan)site and few people wants to see Simpsons family dancing as in "Gangnam Style" video. However, I believe, if some Americans submit that idea to "Couch Gag Contest", it would be rejected. Why?

The rules obviously says: no MUSIC. That means that "Gangnam Style" wouldn't be played in the background, but instead on ANY kind of music, the theme song would be played. Also, I think that copyright belongs to Korea (South, because North is solely obsessed with communism and if anybody would imitate South Koreans, would be obviously terorised :D) and rules claims, that submission must NOT include names and/or descriptions of any copyrighted media production (excluding The Simpsons™), including, without limitation, films, books, television programming, etc., or identifying descriptions of any media property.

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