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"Hi Everbody" I am Dr. Ralph Wiggum. I am here to add stuff to this Site (e.g., on simpsonspedia pinched) and fix things.

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Editing Tips

General Tips

  • If you copy a page from Wikipedia remove any red links unrelated to the Simpsons.
  • Don't be afraid to upload images, they will not harm your computer.
  • If you see a list on an article please give the list it's own article.
  • Talk pages are not blogs so do not place any personal opinions I.E. I like Bart.
  • Do not add any speculation on stuff that hasn't been confirmed.
  • If there are two alike pages try to redirect the bad one to the good one.

Unpermitted Articles and Images

The Sins of Simpsons Wiki

Articles That Need Expansion

Main article: :Category:Stubs

Page Layout


  • Major Characters: Should have sections on important facts revealed about them, various personality traits, character orgins, and if revealed a little on the character's past. Do not add quotes or lists as they mess up the balance of the page.
  • One-Time Characters: Should have a section on their appearance, a section on minor appearances, character orgins, and upcoming appearances.
  • Minor Characters: Should have the same layout as one-time characters.


  • Tracey Ullman Shorts: A section on the plot summary of the short just with major details, and trivia section with facts about first appearances or characters who did not appear or speak in the short.
  • Episodes: A section on the plot summary of the episode with just major details, a trivia section, a section on errors (do not name the section goofs), a section on cultural references, a section on production notes, and a section on veiwer reception. Do not copy the plot from Wikipedia as Wikipedia summaries are written in an out of universe style meaning that minor plot details are placed in the plot as well. Also, do not put quotes on episode pages as they kind of mess up pages. Quotes should stick in Wikiquote.
  • Itchy and Scratchy Episodes: Should have a plot summary, and a trivia section.

This Week

This Sunday

  • 8:00 PM: Funeral for a Fiend: Sideshow Bob is put on trial and then after his father claims he has gotten a mental illness due to Bart. He must take proper medication for it. Bart however thinks it is a bomb and throws it out the window and accidentally kills Bob. Guest Starring Kelsey Grammer, John Mahoney, David Hyde Pierce, and Keith Olberman.

Next Sunday

  • 8:00 PM: E. Pluribus Wiggum: Springfield's Primary is moved to first in the state and when The Simpsons can't pick a candidate Homer beleives the most pathetic person in town should be a candidate and that winds up being Ralph Wiggum. However no one knows what party he is running for. Guest starring Jon Stewart and Dan Rather.

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