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# [[Much Apu About Nothing]] - Watched
# [[Much Apu About Nothing]] - Watched
# [[Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment]] - March 16, 1997
# [[Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment]] - March 16, 1997
# [[King of the Hill]] - Watched
# [[King of the Hill]] - May 3, 1998
# [[Grift of the Magi]] - Watched
# [[Grift of the Magi]] - Watched
# [[Faith Off]] - Watched
# [[Faith Off]] - Watched

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on elliptical machine

Hi, I'm Fat Tony's cousin. I own a gym, I'm a member of the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club, and I eat to relieve stress.

I have watched all of the episodes below, and then immediately read the associated articles -- editing them liberally, and improving them significantly -- often repeating the video again and again to ensure accuracy.

I have created several articles, and uploaded dozens of images I thought would improve articles (including imagery I've manipulated myself with GIMP 2.).

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  1. Much Apu About Nothing - Watched
  2. Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment - March 16, 1997
  3. King of the Hill - May 3, 1998
  4. Grift of the Magi - Watched
  5. Faith Off - Watched
  6. The Blunder Years - Watched
  7. Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington - Watched
  8. The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star - Watched
  9. Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes - Watched
  10. American History X-cellent - Watched
  11. Chief of Hearts - Watched
  12. The Simpsons Movie


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