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  • I live in in a car muffler-shaped pineapple.
  • My occupation is a fry cook at the Krusty Klam.
  • I am not a weenie.
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User Information
Name Joey
Year of Birth It's a secret, so I can't tell you.
Place of origin Sorry! I can't tell you. It's top secret.
Current location England
Quote I love The Simpsons so much I can own all of their stuff.
TV Shows The Simpsons
Languages I Speak English

About me

Howdy everyone! I'm JOEY310, I am a big fan of The Simpsons and I edit here. I own The Simpsons Hit and Run and I collect coins, collectors cards, defeat all of the wasp cameras and i'm still on level 3.

I joined Wikia back in September 24th 2013. I was searching for wikis, stumbled along to this wiki and decided to do an edit.

I also edit on other wikis too.

Every time "The Simpsons" is on, I watch it.


REALNerfNinja6, Formely a enemy, but now since he DID actually edit here, me and Ninja are good at driving away spammers and vandals.

How my name was made

The reason why I got my name JOEY was because of my meaning of JOEY. Here are the reasons:

J: I love jam.

O: My favourite colour is orange.

E: I like eggs.

Y: I like to play with yo-yos.

Also 310 is my favourite number. I came up with two names, I tried SuperSonicRules400, but it was a cliche name, I also tried SimpsonMario300 but that name was too dumb. I tried JOEY310 and that was the best name ever!

Favourite Episodes

Gallery (see more details on the Gallery page.)

Favourite Characters


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  The simpsons tv   This user has seen every episode of the show
  P166206 p v8 ai   This user has seen The Simpsons Movie.

  Simpsonsgameposter   This user's favorite Simpsons game is The Simpsons: Hit and Run


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