My passionate Idol Activities, 'Aikatsu!' is starting!
―Ichigo's anime opening prologue.


About me

Hello, My name is Ayami Ooruri (known as Raffine2014).
I'm the Creator for Credits Episode for The Simpsons.
I also Living in Indonesian.

I only testing My Sandbox. but i can upload my screenshots even for new episodes for The Simpsons.

See my To-do List. Even i'm working hard for this wiki.

Note: I am doing make Ice Crown Builds using Warcraft 3 World Editor.

If you still have problem connection internet, You should press the Purge Button.


The First thing i've joined The Simpsons Wiki (Wikia) since 2014-08-14. However... I Only Creator for Credits Episode for The Simpsons.
Even Know... I have Some DVD Rips and WEB-DL for
The Simpsons Any Season (Such as Season 14, Season 17, and Season 26).

In the First Thing... I've Haven't Watch The Simpsons Season 1 - Season 30.
Al Jean has said The Simpsons Season 30 will be ended in 2019.

I'm Written the Script. Named: Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (WABF18). After i asked to Don Del Grande.
I don't know this episode but I was not much interesting it is
(Note: I also added Guest Voices too many but he asked to me).

I Started Watching The Simpsons. And i haven't Download DVDRip/BDRip and Web-DL even I wanted download
Anything Seasons. Next. I watched Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, Aurora Dream and Rainbow Live
This Things Currently That i haven't Download English Dub from Animeindia,
Now The Reasons That i haven't More Waiting New Episodes for Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future Ep 40.
Even Webbmaster62 is currently Busy.

I sended Webbmaster62 (Kiteseekers), The Only Reason that
i request font because that name it is... Disney Simple.
It's probally what does even know it.

Interesting... I only play Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley Which
Means i haven't played this game for a while. But I Prefer than
Harvest Moon Back to Nature. This is most quitely.
However... I wonder if i want finishing story for HMBTN.
Let's hope so if i am do it.

Depending time... We seen i played Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!, The Reason i played this game but
I don't think so. We should know how much i will need get Level Up for Rank.
NOTE: it's also named Photokatsu!, Every People who plays Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!
To join Aikatsu Wikia, Click here to join it (Needs Edit)

There quietly whenever i was do it. Just Started Watch The Simpsons Guy Between Crossover The Simpsons & Family Guy.
However, I don't quietly for watching Family Guy.

There's Been More To do that i am going watch American Dad! Only what Reason is whenever for
The Cleveland Show is canceled since 2013. When Cleveland Brown is back
We sure We will waiting New Season for the Simpsons.

Much Interesting, I don't remember people who Watching Happy Tree Friends. Still don't know
Do remember what episode is Sea What i Found?
Unfortunately... Rusell gets too much feeling good at the underwater.

Mod Level for Crash Bandicoot 2

If this people who making Mod Level for Crash Bandicoot 2, I should called the game name is
Crash Bandicoot 2: Aikatsu Edition.

In Everything this game is possible released, i might make mod level it.

There are Levels some Incomplete, Providing Turtle Woods. (For No Reason, in Secret gets Freeze)

You have need CrashEdit to Modify Level, Unless you choose Version Game Selection containing
Retail, Beta and other. If you selected Invalid Game Selection, You will get "An Error Occurred."

Warp Room 1

Early i wanted to do something i was Starting Project for Crash Bandicoot 2: Aikatsu Edition.
Quietly, i might make mod level for Snow Go or maybe Hang Eight?

  • Turtle Woods Lv1: Incomplete
  • Hang Eight Lv3: Completed.

Warp Room 2


You can contact to Thaswordster, It's easy if you want Leave the Message to him.

What's This for Non-Canon Appearances?

The Template Non-Canon is only for Character, If you see the Episode for Non-canon, Check
on Holidays of Future Passed.

Even The Episode for The Simpsons at the Future, You can seen the Episode has been
Considered for Non-Canon Appearance, With Featuring Zia Simpson on Holidays of Future Passed

A Template has Created by Solar Dragon, He is now Blocked by Admin Jhonevans.

The Category will be added Non-canon characters.

Playing Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!

The Error 156 wouldn't work, it must be Signed in by using Google.
However, You must see this that Eevlup said it to me.

To play the game Photokatsu!, please make sure you have Disabled USB Debugging
at the Developer Options, Or you will get Error 1015.

To start playing this game, You must Disable USB Debugging on Developer Options.
You cannot Play Photokatsu! Unless you can see this tweeted for disable USB Debug
You will get Error 1015 if you enabled USB Debugging.

It won't work with running Root, When you have Root Cloak, it will not work. so you must
Disable USB Debugging on developer options, or you will get Error 1015 Screen.

Using Emulator for Bluestacks will not work, So you must obtain the Android Phone such as Mito A10
to play the game, BlueStacks is Enabled USB Debugging by default.
So you can't config to disable USB Debugging.

Your System Requirements for Android must Version 4.0.3 or Newer.
If you don't want use the system requirement for recommend, use the 5.1.1 (Lolipop)
or 6.0 (Marshmallow).

For more information, please see Gameplay Startup before play Photokatsu!

Note: You need accept Terms and Conditions first by tapping Pink Button to create
new game (The ID will be random)

By Pressing the Blue Button, you need to get Transfer Code ID that you played Photokatsu!
Before you want play. For Example: My ID is 12969912.

WARNING: You cannot play again until the Account from Photokatsu! will gone,
Unless you must Restarting New Game again and Finish them all for Story Mode!

While you starting New Game for Photokatsu!, Here's the following you want start:

Enter your name first
Follow the Tutorial and play Photokatsu!
Be Careful don't make miss again, or you will failed Story Objectives

All People who hates playing Photokatsu! The First thing Hazr hates Photokatsu!
Even he still active on Twitter.

Currently The Event still available at the Main Page for Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!
Check out to see event or it will be closed permanently!

There are 2 Users for Administrator on the Website which kindly users are following:


Rikki21 also have Sandbox, since all pages for character aikatsu such as Skips♪
2 Characters slot are available like Madoka Amahane & Akari Ozora.

There's also named DansingDiva (It should be called Dancing Diva), it provides 2 characters
Sumire Hikami and Rin Kurosawa.

If you still don't know how much Users on the Website, Try these for
User Lists: User List (Limited 500) on Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Wiki

Watch out, You must Read the Guidelines first before proceed start editing
from Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Wiki. Please see it on The Template for Guidelines.

What this for Happy Jewel?

If the Happy Jewel can be get more hearts, you will get sell it.
This card will available in Friday.

For more information, please see Tips on Gameplay.

Tap Photo on Bottom, then tap to Trade before sell Happy Jewel.

Do you know why we need for Objectives?

Objectives are simple at in Scenario, However We know if the Objective is complete.
Such as Get the Score at least 18000. If the Objective is failed, You must Fix it again
at the Story mode Scenario.

Tap the Scenario, Choose the story you want like. and Select character
such as Ichigo Hoshimiya, Aoi Kiriya, Sakura Kitaoji, Otome Arisugawa, etc.

Make Sure you must Change Card Character first before starting show. The Song will be
Random such as "Signalize!", Calendar Girl, etc.

Note: If you want Replay again, Tap Live Button on Near Photo.
Choose the Song you want play, and get more Highest Score!

First that i joined Aikatsu!! Photo on Stage! Wiki

Finally i am joined Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Wiki, The Reason is i joined because of first account for
Ichigo is gone, that because i used this using BlueStacks.

Don't worry, i am still playing Photokatsu! This is exactly i named Ichigo2.

What does playing game on Photokatsu!?

You can see it for Gameplay: Main Menu Translation on Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Wiki

If you tap the character like Ichigo Hoshimiya, You will hear Voice that her said to you.

You can Swipe the Character by swiping Left or Right, you can see the character
what is your favorite character for you.

If the Slots is full, You can get Expand 5 Slots Card that can be increased.
You will start 100 Slot card that not be managed, or you must Trade it to heart.

Let's begin to play Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!

Love You!
―Otome Arisugawa's Main Catchphrase

Buying Cards

Buying Cards is simple, All you must have to do this Tap the Outing button, Then Choose what you want
Buying Regular Outing can have 10,000 Hearts. By selecting 1 Card for 1000 Hearts
You can buy it (There's also Daily but you can get it for free).

With Additional Event, You will get Additional Cards that obtained such as
Ichigo Hoshimiya, Otome Arisugawa, and many more...

You must have Normal Stars at least 25. Buying 11 Event Outing Cards must at least 250.
If you don't have Normal Stars, Buy the Shining Stars.

When the Slots is Full, Tap the Menu, and Tap the shop before to increase Additional Cards (Expands 5 Slots).


Your Ranking will start 1, All the way to do is you must Finish the Story Mode, Until then
Your Ranking will be increased to 2, Instead if you want larger Rank
You are welcome to continuing Live.

Your EXP will be increased after done Live, And you will get Rewards for you while you
Ranking is up, After that, Get the Normal Stars and Hearts before Complete the
Story Mode!

The Ranking must have Larger than 100, You must Complete the Story Mode or Play with using
Live Mode, During you will completed, You can get the Huge Score Appeal Point!


As Maintenance is started, The Event will be changed due for no reason, you will get Error 100
The Maintenance will be Scheduled in 2 PM or 3 PM, As far at the worldwide
It will starts 12 PM for Indonesian, at the end Maintenance, It will fixed Minor Bugs.

Wait until the game is done Maintenance, After that, you can re-play again.
Scheduled Day will be random for few hours. They will never play game if you wait after 3PM.

Dress Up

If you using Dress up, The Level Card will be Reset to 1, All you have to do is having item named
Dress up Akashi, You will see Before to After.

Before - The Cards that you will Upgrade to After. This will Reset the Level 1.
After - If you see After, The Cards will be Upgrade that you having maximum Level
At least 20 or 40.

NOTE: You must have Hearts first before Dressing up. If you don't have enough hearts
You have Find Hearts at the Live or Story Mode.

Here's you what to do: Tap the Photo Button (Orange) at the Bottom, then Tap the Dress Up.

All you have to do is Need the Level is Maximum. Without that, You need Required Item
Dress up Akashi (Cute, Pop, Cool, and Sexy) before Dressing Up.

Version for Photokatsu!

As the Version is now outdated, We're no longer supporting as old version.
Following is currently version this:

  • Version 0.9.6 (Beta 2015-11-12) - First Beta Release
  • Early Fall 2015 - A Trailer has started on 2015-11 for Beta.
  • Version 1.0.0 (Released 2015-11) - First Release, No Longer Supported.
  • Version 1.0.5 (Released 2016-01) - Old Version, No Longer Supported.
  • Version 1.0.6 (Released 2016-02) - Old Version, No Longer Suppoered.
  • Version 1.1.0 (Released 2016-04) - Old Version, No longer Supported.
  • Version 1.2.0 (Released 2016-06-15) - Old Version, No longer Supported.
  • Version 1.2.1 - (Released 2016-07-18) - Old Version, No longer Supported.
  • Version 1.3.0 (Released 2016-10-06) - Current Version
  • Version 1.3.X - To be Released. (Q4 2016)
  • Version 1.4.X - To be Released. (Q1 2017)

All the way to do this you must have Install QooApp.
Download APK and Update Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!

Cardlist for Photokatsu

Many Cards for Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! that available to pulling 11 Cards (Requires Heart or Normal Stars)
If you want See the Card List, Please check out this

Over 500 Cards has Added due It will be Released soon. As over 1 Card is Not released, The Reason is
LINE and Twitter Event has Milestone Reached.

The Number 168 is the Unreleased Card. They will never Released
Because of Event Twitter & LINE is Reached Milestone, So it will skip it to Number 169.

What's This for Upgrade Cards?

The Upgrade Cards only can be Used to Get Increasing EXP. You Can use it on Charm Lesson
because it can't be used during in Live nor using the dress-up.
Also it will never work for Assign by using Unit Formation.

It only have 1000~1014 Cards, Providing Johnny Bepp and Happy Jewel.

The Happy Jewel is Available on Friday, You can wait until the Material Cute, Cool, Pop and Sexy is
Soon at the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
At the Saturday~Sunday, You can get the Johnny Beep (Photo EXP)!

General Differences for Photokatsu!

As the Version has Started for "Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!!", There are some differences
As you may seen there are something Prototypes.

  • The Green Button since it's beta, Instead the Button is blue. (Skip and next)
  • There are no Daily Quest on Main Menu for Beta.
  • The Ads can seen arrow by swiping Left and Right.

About Aikatsu! and ID Card

For more information, see "Apa itu ID Card?"

As something about My ID Card Aikatsu Data Carddass (Aikatsu Indonesia Card Game),
I've Decided to play aikatsu on my id card. Instead this is Exactly good.

The Aikatsu! ID Card gives 400 Saves, Until you must Create your Nickname and choose
Parts for Hair, Face, and Hair Color, Do not Use your Real Name because of appeared Internet.

Where i should buying Aikatsu! ID Card?

The Cost from Sukabumi Supermall - Timezone is Rp.74,900 (aka Rp.75,000), Each you will buy
the ID Card, You will get Bonus Card named "Enamel Space Hairband".

This allows you will get Rhythm Game Bonus when a combo! it will gives you 100 Appeal Points.
Also, It can't scanned QR Code using Aikatsu! Music Video Maker (Indonesia).

For the Blue Version, This is named Promotion of Aikatsu! ID Card, it is Trial Edition, but i called Limited Edition.
just like same Aikatsu! ID Card Original Edition (Pink).

What does that mean the Game for Aikatsu!?

"Bagi Idol, kartu adalah nyawa!"

It's never thought if you want play Aikatsu, First of all, You must be an Beginner User.

See this if you want play Aikatsu while you are Beginner User, Here the link to see it.

Johnny Beep will gives Instruction for you of How to Play Aikatsu!

Playing Aikatsu! Card Game

There are Two Languages containing Indonesian and Japanese, The Indonesian that i'm live it.

Now first, Insert the Coin/Money at the Bottom Machine to play, Next Choose Play Mode you want like.

Such as Single Player, 2 Players, or Buy Card.
Here are few Additional Information like this:

  • "Bermain Sendiri" - One Card will be Released, Pick it up as saying "Tempat Kartu Keluar", to see that Card name is.
  • "Beli Kartu" - If you are Beginner User, you can't play game if you Buy Card (ID Card Required to obtain Item)
  • "Main Berdua" - 2 Cards will be released if you play game and requires One Coin/Money to play.

First of all, You choose Bermain Sendiri before Process your ID Card.

The Character Comes you that Card gives you that seeing "Tempat Kartu Keluar".
If you had Enough Buy Cards, Press the Red button that saying "Mulai Game"

Proccessing your ID Card

As you Selected the Play Mode, Now Put the ID Card at the Left.
Note: If you don't have ID Card for your friend, Simply Press the Button as saying Skip.

Same as How i should Checking Aikatsu! ID Card?, but you see it if you want.

How i should Checking Aikatsu! ID Card?

First of all, there's a bottom saying "Letakkan ID Card di sebelah kiri untuk melihat data!",
Put that the ID Card at the Left, Then Wait until the Message asked you.

When the Screen Appears and the Title says "Pemrosesan Data ID Card", Go ahead and Press the
Red Button to Select "OK", Whenever you don't want check ID Card, Simply Select "Batal".

Wait until the ID Card is analyzing, and the ID Card is now processed Successfully.
Here you can see your ID Card at least containing is:

  • Your Nickname & Ranking
  • Your People Fans
  • Your Team Meter MAX
  • Your Title

When you get the Pengetahuan, Obtain the Special at the Selecting Audition and get all the 6 Pengetahuan!

With this Feature for check your ID Card, Once it will gives 400 Saves Remaining.
After You're run out of Save, You can Transfer New ID Card by Seeing this link here.

When you done Seeing your ID Card, Press the Red Button to Skip it.

Tabs for Checking ID Card

As the Version 2 Series 1 is Introduced, You can see new Version for Your ID Card that available.
You can Personalize your Wallpaper if you want like.

  • MyCharacter - This Allows you get runs for seeing Your Character.
  • Team - If this your Team, You can allow to get adding for your Friends.
  • Constellation - By giving the Constellation, The Character like Seira can be used Proof of Constellation with Constellation Dress.

You can see there is Pita when you obtained all Pengetahuan. And you will see Nickname.

Transferring your New ID Card

Before we Start Transfer your New ID Card, Make Sure Your Old ID Card Save is 0.

Now Put ID Card at the Left, Choose OK to Continue, And see your ID Card again.

After the Title Says Transfer ID Card, You have Choose OK When the Save Remaining is Zero.
Go ahead like it saying "Update ID Card".

Now Put the New ID Card at the Left at the Top, While your ID Card is Transferring, and it's now
Completed Transfer to New ID Card Successfully.

Pick up the ID Card at the Left, But You can't use your Old ID Card now, use the New ID Card.

What does that mean for Selecting Item?

After you Checking your ID Card, You will see the Title says "Pilih Item". By Default,
You will start the Game without Selecting Item, Here is few additional Information:

  • Salon - Allows you get changing your MyCharacter Parts!
    Except Changing Eye, that only for Changing Your Eye Color.
  • Ticket Brand - This allows you using Ticket Brand Rental such as like Spicy Ageha, Happy Rainbow,
    LoLi GoThiC, Aurora Fantasy, Angely Sugar, and Magical Toy.
  • Tidak memakai item - Starts the Game without using Item.

Your Item Qty will at least 9, Once your Inventory Item is Full, Use the Ticket Rental or Salon.

If you use Item, It is recommended to Save your ID Card to proceed it. and start the Game to choosing the Audition, Once the Item is used like Salon, it can't be back again.
So you have Choose Audition to start the game.

Choosing Audition

Before Start the Game, Please Choose the Audition, As the title says "Pilih Audisi, ya".

First of All, You will see the Map for choosing Audition, There is few additional that can be selected:

  • Live - The Live is Available for you, But you can Replay while it saying Clear!
  • Fashion Show - By the Fashion Show, You can get the New Item for MyCharacter Parts!
  • Drama - The Cinematic that can be used for Media, For those like the Script.
  • New Idol - By Obtain the New Idol, You can Challenge to Sakura Kitaōji, or Any Character like Yurika and Otome.
  • Special (Audisi Pengetahuan) - By Getting Special, You will get Pita if you want need it, Until you get 6 if you completed.
  • Menantang Top Idol - If you want to get Number 1, You must have ID Card to enter it.

There is 4 Types that can be choosed if you scan card, Including Cute, Cool, Pop, and Sexy.

Choosing Idol Character

At the Title Says "Pilih Idol Ya", Now Select your Favorite Character like Ichigo, Aoi and Ran.
When you have New Idol, Choose Otome, Yurika, Sakura, Mizuki and Kaede.

Your Team Meter allows you see it until if your Team Meter is not good, You will Pay Attention!

You can use MyCharacter that your nickname is here at the right.

Scanning Card

Before starting Scan Card, The Type should must be like Cute, Sexy, Pop and Cool.
that you selected the Audition Stage and your Character Idol.

After the Self Produce is Started, You have scan the Card first, Unless the Bar Code must match.
Note: You can't Scan the Card with the Same Bar Code.

There is 3 Clothes and Shoe you want use it: Tops, Bottoms and Shoes.
There's also Scan Accessory Card if you want it.

If that hear saying "Pengen Shoes, nih", You must Scan the Shoes Card like Example: Classical Waltz Pumps

Once You already Scanned Card for Tops, Bottoms and Shoes, Choose OK.
Optional: If you want Scan Accessory Card, You must hurry up to Scan Accessory Card and choose OK.

Now Scan the Accessory Card! For Example: Enamel Space Hairband
If you scanned the Accessory Card, Choose OK and Start the Audition!

In Audition

Once the Audition is Started, Press the Correct Button Color like Green, Yellow and Red,
Here are few things Controls that you want increase Appeal Point:

  • Red - Allows you push the Up Button
  • Green - Allows you push the Left Button
  • Yellow - Allows you push the Right Button

Once there is "Rhythm Mark", Push the Button and hold it if you want.

If you didn't push that button, They will saying Gagal! or Meleset...
Try again if you want to be good.

If you want push the button, Make sure that will saying Sempurna!, Bagus Banget!, and Bagus!.
You must to be Perfect if you want to be Number 1.

After done, There is Kesempatan Appeal! Push any Button if you want if not,
The Appeal will be failed and the Appeal Point will be Reduced.

After the Audition is Ended, You will see "Pengumuman Hasil", If you are Passed,
You are now First Place!

When you didn't Passed like saying "Nggak Lulus", You Failed to Pass the
Appeal Point and it's too sad, You have Pay Attention to Get Larger Appeal Point.

Epilogue Cinematic

As the Cinematic is done, She will get A New Job and you will completed.
And will redirected your ID Card for Bonus and Fans.

Your MyCharacter ID Card After Ending Audition

Before starting the Increasing Rank, Here is Additional Information like that:

  • Ranking #Any Number
  • Title (Like Calon Idol)
  • Next Ranking
  • Next Bonus Ranking
  • Total Fans People

If you want get Perfect Bonus, You must do something for Completing Combo. As far if you
Want Reach Ranking 75, It is Impossible to going Rank 76. Due for no reason
it will saying Ranking MAX!

On Season 2 Series 1, It was impossible going Rank 21 due it's Maximum Ranking is 20.

Your Total People Fans will Increased like Perfect Bonus!.

What is "Dapat Tawaran!"?

As we sugguested, Johnny Beep ask you to get the Konser Fan like that means Many People you did good.

Just Press the Skip Button to continue, and Save it your ID Card, and Pick up your ID Card.

Daily Ranking

The Daily Ranking allows you get Ranking Top 10. Your Appeal Point might be Increased as larger.

To be honest, You must to be Number 1 to get More Largest Score Appeal Point!

An Demo Mode appears after end, it will directed Daily Rank.

Jadilah Idol No. 1!

General Findings for Aikatsu! Card Game

There are Lot General Findings and it should be Differences as Indonesian Language.

  • In the Demo Mode, Ichigo uses Angel Arrow for using Kesempatan Appeal!, The Time is saying "Sec", instead it should saying "Detik" (Founded on Seri 6 Season 1)
  • A Girl JKT48 is trying to play Aikatsu! for Her MyCharacter (Prototype Seri 1)
  • If you push Red, Yellow and Green, it will directed to Title Screen.
  • While you trying wait the Card is Released, They will saying Card Jam, Instead should be called Card Jam in Dispenser (Error 23/22-21-1 Dispenser(B) Card Jammed)
  • If you Check ID Card that selected Game Mode, You will see the Character such as Otome, Aoi will down for your Team Meter.


The First things That i was joined some Anything Links,
I'm surely What does that if i could Choosing
Anything if i am like.

On 2013-05-03, I've maked Ice Crown Map for Starting Beta Release.
However It's probally My Birthday is here that I Born in 1999-05-28.
Therefore, I am still doing it for make Ice Crown Builds that i found on Windows Vista on BetaArchive Wiki.
This is Pretty Much while i am doing work.

As I doing Mystic Isles Map on 2013-07-07, I carried it's Starting First Beta.
I Featured to Summon Thrall on Altar of Storm, However it's still Development.
Be Sure quitely wait more when i am done
Making Ice Crown Builds After Final Release in the Future.

In 2014-03-27, Now i am joined on BetaWiki, Probably i named BillyHatcher2012.
First of Other User are not here on betawiki
Because the wiki is dead. (For BetaWiki only). However, We're some
more needs edit first to make Buildtags.

On 2014-09-29, I've joined on BetaArchive.
So i have the FTP Access and I can downloading some ISOs for Windows, and many more.
The Thing is. I asked to Mrpijey to getting join FTP to me.
The Reason is that i upload Windows 98 SE Korean and Scan Disc.

The First i uploaded this image: [1] Pretty interesting, isn't it?

On 2016-02-20, I just now Joined ReactOS Community. I asked to Amine Khaldi
While i join ReactOS Community, Next. It asked to me to Getting Upload some Videos for ReactOS.
However, Let me think If i wonder i can test some Apps on ReactOS.

At 2016-04-09, I joined The Hive Workshop Forum, This means My Friend [E]clipse had test my map
for Ice Crown, They not much good for doing test my map. So There not much good
for my friend after these More Doing make Ice Crown.

On 2016-05-09, I've played Aikatsu! Data Carddass. It is Series 5 on Indonesian.
Now i have 2 Cards for Aikatsu! Data Carddass. I was going to sukabumi supermall
While i going to Timezone, at the Floor 4.

More TBA.

Things What i need Events

The Following Events that i need:

  • Aikatsu (I found at the Sukabumi Supermall) at the Floor 4, and i saw
    Aikatsu! Data Cardass (it is Seri 5, and it's Indonesian Language).
  • Cards for Aikatsu That i need put it on Aikatsu! Music Video Maker Indo. (Progress)


Unfortunately, We do screenshot later, because this wiki only for the Simpsons.
For example: i am doing play Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! since it's interest
who knew play these game.

Release Date

Each Release date are known when i making Ice crown Project, The Ice Crown
announces the Final Beta Release at 2016-05-20.

  • Ice Crown RTM - To be Released at Q2/Q3 2016/2017
  • Ice Crown SP9b Alpha - Released until SP9 Release Candidate.
  • Mystic Isles - Progress


With the Discontinued Project, The Support for My Project are still in Progress:

  • Mystic Isles - Interrupted, it will Discontinued soon til March 2017.
  • Prologue 02 - Discontinued until 2017-05-26.

About Ice Crown

We Need More Lumber.
―Grunt's Quote from Warcraft III

The Project for Ice Crown has Started into 2013-05-03, Since Project are still Development.
Which means We supported Until 2036, However Ice Crown has started
E3 Beta Version as we supporting Multiplayer for Warcraft III.

The Working state are still Active, Currently i am doing make Ice Crown New builds after the
Final Release is coming, It will released soon in November 2016.

However, Ice Crown has announced that will be released in Fall 2016 for Final Release.
However, The Build should be 5600 or i suggest 5920, Maybe 5400?

All People who played Ice Crown for Beta Testers over 31,982 that Downloaded on
Epicwar after celebrating Ice Crown 3rd Anniversary, It almost going to 35,000 testers
who played my map.

We Use the game for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and it is recommended.
The Project for Ice Crown are still Development and currently version is 6.2.

Notice: the Version 6.3 will available for Nightly Version or Build 5456/5744.

The Version for Ice Crown has started Since Version 2.4, However, It supports
180 Days Evaluation until expired into 2013-10-30.

As Ice Crown has Started Project, The Version should be 1.3 Alpha. These currently
Started into 2012-10-23 after going to May 2013.

There is Download from Epicwar, but we support Nightly Build as we sugguest
Unstable Builds, You can download latest build to test this map.

Whenever you want test RTM, try Build 5270. and it will fixes some bugs and improvements.

You can see History for Ice Crown if is known what that
Release dates.

Support for Ice Crown

Ice Crown has announced that the Mainstream Support will end in November 2025.
However, We includes Extended Support for Ice Crown will be ended at New Year's Eve 2036 Event.

Also they will be announced for Ice Crown that will supports Halloween Edition will be IV.
Also will supported Christmas Edition until Halloween will be Scheduled on 2016-10-14.
The Christmas will be scheduled until 2016-12-13.

The Evaluation for Ice Crown started for Beta, Each People who plays
Warcraft III With Any Languages (Such as Spanish, Czech, Italian, etc.)

The Evaluation will be Expired in 2032-12-31.

Ice Crown can be supported Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a soon after Upgrading w3l.exe file.
However, You can see this link.

The E3 2013-Present for Ice Crown

As Ice Crown is Announced at 2013, The First Alpha Release started in October 2012.
During Ice crown is still Development, they will released until Q2/Q3 2016/2017.

Within This Project has Started at August 2012, Ice Crown will starts E3 2012 Demo.
and it is Ice Crown First Development Release for Beta.
Therefore, We had only Minor Heroes for added, Including Thrall and Cairne.

Ice Crown is the First Build that started Development in E3 2012 Demo, However
It's only Testing Purposes Only. And it might need to download the map.

In Late 2012, Ice crown has started Build for Beta Release. Next it is Alpha Development.
We surely if is going to Beta 1 from May 2013.

There is following Types can be used:

Preview Release - The Preview Release allows testing map, Cannot be uploaded on epicwar website.
Final Beta Release - The Final Beta Release can be played who testers is available
Download is available as necessary on Epicwar Website.
Month Test Release - Each Test Release many People plays Ice Crown at E3 2016.
Early Beta - Each the First Release can be tested since Started in May 2013.
Release to Manufacturing - The RTM Version will gets more Updates.
Prototype - The Prototype Release can be tested are many builds.

Each Builds will be next at the Windows Vista on BetaArchive Wiki, They will be Soon for Final Release.

These Example Builds also provides from the Watermark Desktop, they will gave you
Which running older Builds for Windows Vista, Like this:

Build 5304.Lab03_Dev.060201-1000

It will appears on Map Description at the Custom Game.


Suddenly, This Will never Editing map until it will protected my map soon.
Whenever this map will be protected myself, I might be do it.

This is only for Warcraft III Users that have Installed this game.
Ensure the Language must English or Spanish.

Languages for Ice Crown

We Support Language for Ice Crown Providing English & Español, However the Indonesian Translation
Will be coming soon in the future.

As We Sugguested, The Support for Ice Crown Indonesian Language will ends on 2016-12-31, Similar as
Aikatsu! Music Video Maker has ended in 2016-05-31 for Indonesian. and the Google Play store
Will no longer appears the game for Aikatsu! MVM.

It also supports for Aikatsu! Music Video Maker Japanese Version.

Discontinued Old Map for Ice Crown

During the Old Map for Ice Crown will be Discontinued until the Support ended soon in future.
There are something if you playing Old Build, Which Preferred than Build 5209.

The Build 5209 will be supported that too many Downloaded has 1,500 Times.

When Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Beta is Leaked?

If Somebody who know about Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Retail, When the Beta Version is Leaked?
Let's see if this Game will Released, I might try it.

I don't think if This Game will leaked until November 2016 or Spring 2017?
Let's see if This Leaked on BetaArchive, I might test this game and i will download on MEGA.

During Andrea Vanini has said this:
There won't be any anytime soon, unfortunately.

I don't remember if Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Beta is Leaked Prototype, I might test this game.
and i can see the Load/Save Screen looks like the TV.

Sometime i had founded on BetaArchive That Requesting CB3: Warped Beta, See this: Here

The Post Topic has created in 2012-02-20, So i might what happened until Leak soon
in Future.

When i saw that Last Post, z180 said having BA FTP Server has the Steambox SDK.

I know if the Date is 1998-10-09, That means is Beta Version, If is PAL or NTSC-U Region.
Or 1998-09-30 for Beta Version CB3: Warped?

Will be Leaked for Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped Beta in Spring/Summer 2017 or November 2016?

If you haven't see this Unofficial Guide for Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped, Please see this.

Rules or Guidelines for Simpsons Wikia?

We Don't remember when the Administrator and Bureaucrat is created Guidelines & Rules
While before Creating New Page. Since There is what happened Duplicate
from Simpsons Wiki (aka WikiSimpsons)

When you want see Administrator and Bureaucrat User, You can see it on Main Page,
And Click "administrators" and you can see when User is Still Active, Semi-Active and Inactive.

Many Users are Blocked Other Users, There are some Reason this:

  • Flaming
  • Intimidating behavior/harassment
  • Inserting false information
  • Vandalism
  • Abusing multiple accounts
  • Spam
  • Profanity/inappropriate language

More Information can seen here: Special:BlockList to see Blocked Users
with Expiry Date (Can be Expired in the Future like 2030 or Infinite Time)

This Guy, DJ MC CJ are Still Active, They can Protect Pages such as like The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants/Credits.

At the Aikatsu! Photo on Stage!! Wiki, You must Follow the Guidelines before Edit, Like this:


While The Simpsons Wikia will make Rules or Guidelines at in the Future?


The Gallery has remembered who know even i make myself. The Extra uses
That can be managed myself for using Sandbox, Which extremely
That i don't remember.

While support this gallery, i don't remember if i put any some screenshots and scripts.

The Simpsons Season I Watched

These are Over 1~28 Season even having DVD Rip (Season 1 - 17)
I only watch The Simpsons Season 26 Even I Finished watch this season.

Movies That I Watched

Currently i haven't watched movie yet. all there's cause of Illegal Download
While i was need watching another movie.

To watch the episode, see Steal This Episode for about Illegal Download.

Items List That i have

While i'm having that items from ebay. I purchased between this:
1. The Simpsons TV Series Script Dan Castellaneta Original (The Script of The Monkey Suit)
2. The Simpsons Maggie Key Chain (aka Keyring).

To see that i bought item, see this:
1. HABF14 Script from hdpixieproductions
2. The Simpsons Maggie Keyring from buysabcoracin


These Script that i printed using Canon Pixma MP287/MP280 Series.
Depends what could i have this:

Favorite Episodes

These are My Favorite Episodes. Recently.
I did downloaded Many Simpsons Seasons like 23. There are 500 Episodes for The Simpsons that Currently it's going to 600 Episodes. After Season 27 Ends. Season 28 will be announced in 2016-09-2?

Favorite Characters

Those are My Favorite Characters.
I like Lisa Simpson when she using Maggie's Pacifier. from Lisa Goes Gaga

I also add from Anime Characters when i am watching Pretty Rhythm and Aikatsu!

Favorite Watch TV & Anime

This is My Favorite Watch TV and Anime. I only watch Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future English Dub Animax
When I'm really need look about this story.

Favorite Games

This is My Favorite Games. I only Watch on YouTube like Gaming. Such as Video Name is The Simpsons Game (Xbox 360). Also i play Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. I only select Multiverse Madness. and I pick Character is Evil Adam West.

First of all, I have been stopped playing Family Guy BTTM, However i will Play Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne that i creating Map named Ice Crown Server Edition. And also i've played Aikatsu! Indonesia Card Game.
That I could need having Collect some Cards such as Accessory, Tops, Shoes, and Bottoms.

Aikatsu! Indonesia Card Game should renamed Aikatsu! Data Carddass Indonesia.

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