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TV Shows The Simpsons
Red Dwarf
Takeshi's Castle
Languages I Speak Slovak, Czech, English, German (just little bit), Spanish (learning)

About me

I don't like The Simpsons, because people are killed there.
―Me when I was younger

When I was a small child, I saw some scenes from two the Simpsons episodes: Marge cut Homer's finger by mistake in Trilogy of Error and Homer killed Moe (because of Snake's hair on his head) in Treehouse of Horror IX. I was shocked and didn't understand how it is possible that there is a blood and killing people in the animated series. This time I really hate this series.

It all changed last year. In the spring 2011 I started to watch the Simpsons, just of interest. After one month, the Simpsons became my favourite animated series.

Looks like someone should go back to school...

Origin of my name

  • "terry" - My favourite writers' names are Terry Deary and Terry Pratchett.
  • "12" - My favourite number.
  • "fins" - I like swimming.
  • "24" - 12x2=24

Seen Episodes

To-Do List

Favorite episodes

Favorite Characters

All characters who died in Star Wars series

Well, this is hard. The Simpsons are so popular because almost every character in the series is funny. Here is my list.

Halloween costumes

Homer Simpson

  • I - Ghost
  • III - Julius Caesar
  • VIII - Jeannie
  • XII - Fred Flinstone
  • XVI - Headless person
  • XX - Zorro the Averanger
  • XXII - Avatar

Marge Simpson

  • III - Cleopatra
  • XII - Wilma Flinstone
  • XVI - Skeleton
  • XX - Cat woman
  • XXII - Witch

Bart Simpson

  • II - Executioner
  • III - Alec (from A Clockwork Orange)
  • VIII - Pirate
  • X - Superhero
  • XII - Hobo
  • XIII - Maude Flanders
  • XIV - Charlie Brown
  • XVI - Werewolf
  • XVIII - Frankenstein's monster
  • XIX - Charlie Brown
  • XXII - Cosmonaut

Lisa Simpson

  • II - Totem pole
  • III - The Statue of Liberty
  • VIII - Native American
  • XII - Two-headed person (with Maggie)
  • X - Amelia Earhart
  • XIV - Lucy van Pelt
  • XVI - Albert Einstein
  • XVIII - Witch
  • XIX - Witch
  • XXII - Saxophone

Maggie Simpson

  • II - Witch
  • VIII - Bear
  • IX - Pirate captain
  • XII - Two-headed person (with Lisa)
  • XVI - Witch
  • XXII - Alien

The Czech Simpsons - "Simpsonovi"

At first, I am not from Czech Republic. However, there is no Slovak dubbing of the Simpsons, so I watch the Czech version. Slovak language is very similar to Czech. The Czech Simpsons are called "Simpsonovi" (and Slovak are "Simpsonovci")


Characters usually have the same name as in the original, but there are also some exemptions.

Goofs in Translating

  • Czech translation of Sideshow Mel has many versions, because it is hard to translate a word "sideshow". His names in episodes are "Asistent Mel" (Assistant Mel), "Pošuk Mel" (Fool Mel), "Levák Mel" (Sideshow Mel) and other. Once, it was mistakenly said that he is a woman ("Brush with Greatness").
  • The Treehouse of Horror episodes have different names too, because Halloween isn't celebrated in Czech Republic - people celebrate All Saints Day. The first TOH episode was translated as "Zvlášť strašidelní Simpsonovi" ("The Really Scary Simpsons"), another episodes were all translated as "Speciální čarodějnický díl" ("Special Magical Episode").
  • In "Krusty Gets Busted", Sideshow Bob's name was Bob Šouflik (Fool Bob). In another episodes, his name was Levák Bob (a word levák means left-handed person or bad person).
  • In first episodes translated to Czech, some characters have changed names as in the original, but in later episode their names were the same. For example, Sherri and Terri were translated as Sherri and Brendy in "Homer's Odyssey".
  • Comic Book Gay's name was translated as Comic Book Sex.


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