• I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I was born on April 10
  • My occupation is Estudiante
  • I am Masculino
Homer Simpson 2006

Mmmm... donuts...

Hello everyone! I'm not Homer1, I am TheHomer. I hope to edit as many pages as I can. Why? Simply because... I'M A FAN OF THE SIMPSONS2!

Now let's go onto...


I registered in Simpsons Wiki because I am, well, a Simpsons fan. I used to edit some pages as an IP user, but after a long time, I decided to create an account. I am very active here, except for some weeks when I was inactive. Anyway, I'm back! Now, some other things...3

Episodes I have watched

Homer Simpson 2006 This user is a fan of The Simpsons
The simpsons tv This user has seen almost every episode of the show
The simpsons movie This user has seen The Simpsons Movie
Simpsonsgameposter This user's favorite Simpsons game is The Simpsons Game
SpringfieldElementary3 This user is a student

Episodes to watch


(Almost all of them)


Welcome to my "office". Here are stored my edits, awards, user rights and miscellaneous (whatever that means).
Archive filingcabinent

User rights

I first got Rollback rights through the requests. Some time later I nominated myself for administrator rights, and I passed! (Admin rights ended in January 2012 as per community forum.)


3,094 This user has made more than 3,094 edits to this wiki.
User 100 This user has made over 100 edits to this wiki!
User 500 This user has made over 500 edits to this wiki!
1K This user has made over 1000 edits to this wiki!


I want to thank the academy...!

Golden Homer This user won the The Golden Homer Award for May, 2010!
Silver Homer This user won the The Silver Homer Award for July, 2010!
Golden Homer This user won the The Bronze Homer Award for August, 2010!


Number Meaning
1 The character
2 The series
3 The ones on the right are my "userboxes"
4 Though it's a movie, not an episode

To do

I'm lazy, but I have to do it

  • Create "unstarted" pages.
  • Improve "stubs" and that kind of pages.
  • Improve levels of The Simpsons Game. Checked
  • Improve levels of The Simpsons: Hit and Run.
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