Belle is so a lesbian! Marge is now having mixed feelings.

I'm a fan of The Simpsons. My sister, brother, and I have been watching it practically our whole lives, back when it was still at its best!

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I recently realized something, Marge's strapless green dress is a little too risqué for a housewife. Maybe that's why Marge doesn't have any women friends, because they think she's a slut in that. That's probably the real reason Belle made her work for her when she nearly demolished her burlesque house. In "Mobile Homer", the captain said Marge "dressed like a Lebanese Prostitute", making her feel self-conscious. I like the scene that she looks at herself holding Homer's gun in "The Cartridge Family". The way she walks to the door after putting the gun in her purse says a lot of things. Also in that same episode, she has the guts to talk to those prostitutes. Did she meet them again upon closing the door in the end? She draws out a gun towards her "friends" at the beauty parlor in the episode "The Springfield Connection". She was arrested three times - for causing traffic, for "accidentally" stealing a bottle of bourbon, and for selling drugs at a garage sale. She's a gambling addict, and used Lisa the way Homer did. And that voice of hers, the only way she could get that voice is if she's a smoker, we see her smoke in "Marge on the Lam" and "El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)". Also, a lot of single, slutty, drunken, loose women have a certain raspy voice. Smoking must have given her permanent asthma. She had trouble breathing in "Mother Simpson" when she said "no more living vicariously through my girlfriend" (notice her cough), and in "The Springfield Files" where she thought the FBI was going to arrest her. I'll bet in "Fear of Flying", the passengers find her voice annoying because she keeps saying "LET ME OFF!" over and over again. Maybe they just kicked her out to shut her up. She has alcoholic tendencies in "The Great Money Caper", "Co-Dependent's Day" and "There's No Business Like Moe Business" segment of "Treehouse of Horror XX", that's probably why she didn't join Maude and Helen's 'Women Against Alcohol' group, they probably don't want Marge with them either. She might be bisexual - she went to the Sapphire Lounge alone, one time she worked at an erotic bakery, and got a kiss from Lady Gaga! She had breast implants, worked as a model, and went topless in front of the crowd! She developed road rage in "Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"", she just have enjoyed her time with Ruth Powers in "Marge on the Lam". With that in mind, she enjoys high-adrenaline rush in "The Springfield Connection" and "The Joy of Sect". Everyone in Moe's Tavern hoot for her in "Bart Gets Hit by a Car". No wonder Maude, Helen, and Bernice Hibbert don't want to be friends with her because they considered her immoral. Marge is a lot like Patty and Selma. In "Dangers on a Train", Ramona comes to the Simpsons' house apparently intending to beat up Marge for supposedly stealing her husband; she gets a good look at Marge with distain and calls her a "man-eater".

I also like to point out Edna Krabappel hates Marge. In "Bart Gets Famous", she deliberately hung up on her. She made her write on the chalkboard in "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie". In "Bart the Mother" she told someone to just "knock her ass down". I think she's jealous. Yet, she once went out with Aunt Patty.

At first, Marge was embarrassed to see photos of her posing shown to the public, but enjoys everyone's feedbacks!

My favorite part in "The Bob Next Door" (other than when the scene where cops from 5 different states come to arrest Bob), is when the cop calls out to the prisoners that there's a woman in a strapless shirt walking down the hall!

I wonder if Marge picked out Lisa's strapless red dress for her? Isn't she too young to wear something like that? Lisa obviously picked out some of her mother's traits. She got drunk at the Duff Gardens after Selma orders her to drink the "water". She- an eight-year-old little girl - had her hands cuffed behind her back when she was arrested in front of the people in town in "Lisa the Skeptic"! She is conscious about her butt: in "$pringfield", she doesn't want to be Nevada because her butt will look big; in "Lisa's Date with Density" she was worried when Nelson said her butt sticks out (out of her dress?); and in "Sleeping with the Enemy", Terri and Sherri says she has a big butt, and Marge wanted to give Lisa a big slice of cake. She came across those prostitutes in "The Cartridge Family". I wonder if she encountered any in "Lost Our Lisa"? She smokes, like mother like daughter! Maybe that's why she doesn't have any friends in the show, all the girls call her "slut". In "Lisa the Greek" she dreamed that she was going to grow up to be a tired woman with too much make-up, smokes a lot (thus a raspy voice), married and divorced at least three times, and going to casinos gambling! In "Black-Eyed, Please", the substitute teacher believes Lisa is a vain and popular, "pretty blonde party-girl" who bullies smart girls because she blonde and wears pearls despite being only 8, and likely also wearing a strapless dress; something which Lisa sees as a compliment. In "Puffless", Lisa seems to be aware that she's an eight-year-old girl wearing pearls and a dress. And in "Pork and Burns", she noticed that her dress is really short.

I think Marge has some pedophilic feelings towards Lisa. In "Lisa's Rival", she told Lisa to stop blowing her sex! Marge tied her up on the chair in "The Joy of Sect". In "Summer of 4 Ft. 2", Marge's dream was for her daughter to be her best friend and dreamily looked at Lisa; and right after she tells Lisa to "be herself", she stares at Lisa dreamily for a moment and then leaves. Also, in "The Great Money Caper", a drunken Marge says to Lisa "You're a pretty girl", and then puts her arm on the arm of the couch and just looks at Lisa. Amber probably has it too, she tries to warm up to Lisa and want to give her some make-up. Patty and Selma probably do to. In "Homer Alone", Patty told Lisa to sleep with her in her bed and Lisa said she saw them naked! In "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge", Patty and Selma crowd around Lisa to "teach" her that men are pigs!

My favorite part in "The Old Man and the Key" is when Charo called Zelda a "hoochie"! I always thought Charo was one! I mean she dressed like one, and that she was almost as old as Zelda (probably not much).

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