I love Jerri, Barry, Sherri and Terri.

About me

I want to support underdog characters like Sam and Larry (The barflies), Richard, Lewis, Wendell, Charlie, and Just Stamp the Ticket Man. I want these characters to speak more. I also want Jerri (Sherri and Terri's mother) to speak more. Richard and Lewis' parts decreased as Bart spent more time with Milhouse and Nelson became a friend of Bart instead of an enemy. Please support and try to support those characters!

Favorite Episodes

  • Last Exit to Sprinfield
  • The Seemingly Never-Ending story
  • The Mook, the Chef, the Wife, and her Homer
  • Stealing First Base
  • Undercover Burns
  • I, Carumbus
  • How I Met Your mother
  • 500 Keys
  • Money BART
  • The Blue and the Grey

She of Little Faith

  • Lisa the vegetarian
  • Lisa the Tree Hugger
  • Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes
  • Take my life, Please
  • The Kids Are All Fight
  • Monty Burns Fleeing Circus
  • Thanksgiving of Horror
  • Werking Mom
  • Future-Drama
  • Simpsonrama
  • All Treehouse of Horror's
  • Das Bus
  • 22 for 30
  • E my Sports
  • Puffless
  • The Saga of Carl
  • The Book Job
  • Donnie Fatso
  • Flaming Moe
  • Flaming Moe's
  • Homer At The Bat
  • Bart Of Darkness
  • Way of the Dog
  • Flanders Ladder
  • Burns' Heir
  • Cape Feare
  • Funeral For A Feind
  • The Eternal Moonshine of The Simpson Mind
  • Barthood
  • Bart to The Future
  • Mr. Lisa's Opus
  • Lisa's Substitute
  • Homerland
  • Nevermind Other than Lisa Goes gaga, All Singing, All Dancing, and Sattlesore Gallactica, I like them all.

Favorite Characters

  • Lisa Simpson
  • Maggie Simpson
  • Sherri, Terri, and Jerri
  • Just Stamp the Ticket Man
  • Richard 
  • Waylon Smithers
  • Shauna
  • Lewis
  • Wendell
  • The Grumple
  • Coach Krupt
  • Elizabeth Hoover
  • Grady
  • Jacqueline Bouvier
  • Patty and Selma
  • Moe

My goals as moderator

I want to remove all hate speech or potentially hurtful things. Also message me when you're having trouble editing an article or if someone is potentially harassing you.

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