DJ MC CJ DJ MC CJ 14 December 2016

This Wiki Is Now Registered Users Only

Hello fellow contributors, as you may notice you can't edit anymore without making an account. The admin team has agreed to enable a feature that requires all unregistered users to make an account.

The reason for this action, since our site is growing, it becomes difficult for the admins to monitor the site. On top of that, this will help lower the chances of individuals who try to vandalize the site in anyway.

We can't protect all pages, since it's physically impossible due to volume of pages created every week and its against Wikia's terms.

This is a step forward in the site's direction, especially as we move away from the past and keep pushing forward. We will also be removing protection from most pages, effective now. Pages that are compl…

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DJ MC CJ DJ MC CJ 26 July 2014

Season 26 Premiere Sneak Peek

Here is a preview that shows a sneak peek of the Season 26 premiere.

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DJ MC CJ DJ MC CJ 25 July 2014

FXX Simpsons Marathon

That's right folks, you aren't seeing things, they're going to do this. All the episodes including the movie will air in a 200 hour marathon starting on August 21st.

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DJ MC CJ DJ MC CJ 24 November 2013

FXX Obtaining The Simpsons

Posting this if anyone missed it. FXX will air Simpsons episodes on August of 2014.

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DJ MC CJ DJ MC CJ 27 August 2013

Season 25 (Previews via Youtube)

Here is one for Homerland.

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