While I know that The Simpsons Game is old news and forgotten, maybe I could share here what I could want to see in a port on an 8-gen console (PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch etc.) which could also improve the things in the game that don't even make any sense.

Adds Wishlist

  • Marge's Mob: Maybe they should have Comic Book Guy, Mayor Quimby, Fat Tony and Chief Wiggum to be able to be recruited. It wouldn't make sense if only Fat Tony's Men and Chief Wiggum's Police Officers would be recruitable without the respective leader of their faction. And Comic Book Guy shouldn't always stay inside the Android's Dungeon, he should also wander outside in the open Springfield, it also would be funny to see Comic Book Guy's ranting when he's fighting or destroying certain things in Marge's Mob, and it would be ironic to see a Mayor helping a certain random citizen.
  • Principal Skinner's Absence after the completion of "Bartman Begins" till the completion of "Mob Rules": I don't understand why Skinner is seen at the Elementary after completion of "Bartman Begins" while he was arrested during the level, maybe they should make him absent after that level till "Mob Rules" is completed, where it would imply that Skinner has been released.
  • Bart & Marge Level: Apparently, they're the only ones who didn't have a level together, and before you say they have a level, which is "Springfield Hub", well first of all, that doesn't even count as a level, it's the Game's Hub, and I wouldn't count "Game Over" either since it's the whole family together, a Mother and Son moment would be good there. Maybe adding a exclusive level in The Game Hub for the two. And it could also give Marge a bigger role in the game since her role in the game is sorta small.

Changes Wishlist

  • Replacing Otto with someone else in "Around the World in 80 Bites": I don't even understand the reason why Otto is participating in the contest while he doesn't even look like someone obsessed with food, Groundskeeper Willie had a reason which was mentioned in the intro cutscene of the level, maybe they could replace Otto with Mayor Quimby or Fat Tony or Luigi Risotto in the level.

Removal Wishlist

  • Removing Professor Frink's Unknown Absence after "Game Over": Honestly thanks to this, people might be speculating that Professor Frink died in the game, so maybe after "Game Over", he could be seen in Springfield again.
  • Removing the Sideshow Mel Guards in "Bartman Begins": Honestly I don't understand how there could be more than one Sideshow Mel, before you say "Five Characters in Search for an Author has more than one Blue-Haired Lawyer as well...", well Matt Groening possibly drawn them on his notepad which summoned an army of them, like he did with Bender and Dr. Zoidberg, but there's not even a possible reason behind the Sideshow Mel army.
  • Removing Chief Wiggum, Lou and Eddie as enemies in Mob Rules: I don't understand how after the level, they don't interact negatively with Marge, and in reality, Marge would have already been arrested for assault against law enforcement since Chief Wiggum knows Marge really well.
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