In this post, I will add a 26th season of The Simpsons invented by me. What do you think?

Episode 1: The Bart who Came to Dinner

Homer and Marge go on a second honeymoon, leaving Bart with Van Houtens' care. There, Kirk and Luann already reconciled. But, problems causing Bart to care for a divorce. Meanwhile, Lisa and Maggie are Grampa's care.

Kirk and Luann angry

Kirk and Luann angry

Episode 2: Treehouse of Horror XXV

The madman of donuts: Mr. Burns buys the company that manufactures the Lard Lad donuts and stops making the donuts. Now, announced to the public that the last remaining donut is hidden in the Monte Bloodguy. All citizens are in search of the last donut (which Mr. Burns had poisoned).

The last donut

Mr. and Mrs. Kang have a child: Kang has a son named Kagos. At the age of five, Kang sends Kagos to kill the Simpsons.


Road to Springfield: Homer accidentally brings home a nuclear content that falls next to a television in which Bart was watching Family Guy and Family Guy's characters appears in Springfield. Then Homer and Peter are enemies, Lois and Marge founded a club of mothers, Chris becomes the protector of Grampa, Lisa and Meg are best friends, Stewie partner Bart is made to establish a casino and Brian starts to work for Maggie like babysitter.

In the end, Lois and Marge start arguing for the enmity of their husbands, Chris is sick of Grampa, Lisa betrays Meg hanging their misfortunes on the Internet (the blog A Streetcar Named Meg), casino Stewie and Bart and Bart bankruptcy fight with Stewie because he says he was at fault and Brian stops working as a babysitter.
Peter vs Homer

Homer fighting with Peter.

Episode 3: Cop-O-Rama

Homer starts working for the police and becomes in Wiggum's favourite cop. A few days later, Wiggum and Homer going to eat a donut to Lard Lad Donuts.where, accidentally, a car hits Wiggum. After, Wiggum is installed in the hospital, where he died. Now, Homer look for a replacement for Wiggum.
Wiggum and FatTony

Wiggum with Homer

Episode 4: The D'oh-liday

The Simpsons win free factory tour toy Santa Claus. There, Bart steals all the toys and flees with Santa Claus sled to the South Pole.

Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at Christmas

Episode 5: How I Tweet your Mother

Citizens of Springfield become addicted to Twitter. When there is a competition of who has the most followers wins and Homer, Homer travels to the headquarters of Twitter.

Homer's Twitter page

Episode 6: $eymour $kinner (a.k.a. The Before and the After of a Jerk Principal)

Skinner wins the lottery and decides to move to Los Angeles. There, he married a contestant on American Idol.
Skinner and Chalmers

Skinner with Chalmers in 'Go off, Seymour! I move out to Los Angeles!' party

Episode 7: James Pond

Homer appears in the new James Bond's film as Dr. Why, the enemy of James Bond.
The Spy Who Learned Me promo

The new movie of James Bond

Episode 8: Homer the Intolerant

Tired of Homer's intolerance, Springfield decides to expel him from the town.

The 'Homer, shoo!' song.

Episode 9: Married to the Bob

When Sideshow Bob marries, Marge thinks that Bob is going to kill his wife, so start spending time with her.
Bob prom

Bob about to 'kill' his wife.

Episode 10: Homer Sweet Homer

Homer comes to casting to star in Channel 6 program. When elected, make The Homer Show.
Enrico homer

A sketch of The Homer Show.

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