Ratings scale

Perfect (20/20)

Magnificent (19/20)

Superb (18/20)

Outstanding (17/20)

Divine (16/20)

Terrific (15/20)

Great (14/20)

Nice (13/20)

Decent (12/20)

Ample (11/20)

Meh (10/20)

Weak (9/20)

Poor (8/20)

Bad (7/20)

Awful (6/20)

Horrible (5/20)

Horrendous (4/20)

Abysmal (3/20)

Unwatchable (2/20)

Unforgivable (1/20)

Episode ratings and season mean

Number Name Rating
104 Bart of Darkness Perfect (20/20)
105 Lisa's Rival Magnificent (19/20)
106 Another Simpsons Clip Show Decent (12/20)
107 Itchy and Scratchy Land Magnificent (19/20)
108 Sideshow Bob Roberts Perfect (20/20)
109 Treehouse of Horror V Perfect (20/20)
110 Bart's Girlfriend Superb (18/20)
111 Lisa on Ice Perfect (20/20)
112 Homer Badman Perfect (20/20)
113 Grandpa vs Sexual Inadequecy Magnificent (19/20)
114 Fear of Flying Perfect (20/20)
115 Homer the Great Perfect (20/20)
116 And Maggie Makes Three Perfect (20/20)
117 Bart's Comet Perfect (20/20)
118 Homie the Clown Perfect (20/20)
119 Bart vs Australia Magnificent (19/20)
120 Homer vs Patty and Selma Magnificent (19/20)
121 A Star is Burns Perfect (20/20)
122 Lisa's Wedding Perfect (20/20)
123 Two Dozen and One Greyhounds Superb (18/20)
124 The PTA Disbands Magnificent (19/20)
125 Round Springfield Magnificent (19/20)
126 The Springfield Connection Perfect (20/20)
127 Lemon of Troy Magnificent (19/20)
128 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One) Perfect (20/20)

This season has accumulated 480 points. Diving that by the number of episodes in this season (25) yields a score of 19.2. That means that the mean for season 29 is Magnificent (19/20).

Episode rankings and season median

1. Lisa on Ice

2. Homer Badman

3. And Maggie Makes Three

4. Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)

5. Treehouse of Horror V

6. Homer the Great

7. Bart's Comet

8. Homie the Clown

9. Fear of Flying

10. Lisa's Wedding

11. The Springfield Connection

12. Sideshow Bob Roberts

13. A Star is Burns (median)

14. Bart of Darkness

15. Itchy and Scratchy Land

16. Lemon of Troy

17. Round Springfield

18. The PTA Disbands

19. Grandpa vs Sexual Inadequacy

20. Bart vs Australia

21. Homer vs Patty and Selma

22. Lisa's Rival

23. Bart's Girlfriend

24. Two Dozen and One Greyhounds

25. Another Simpsons Clip Show

The median is the 13th ranked episode, which is A Star is Burns, an episode I rated Perfect (20/20). That means that Perfect (20/20) is the median rating for season 6.

Mean: Magnificent (19/20)

Median: Perfect (20/20)

My choice: median.


This is not only my favorite Simpsons season of all tine, but it is my favorite season from any television show ever made. The comedy is absolutely flawless in this season, and there isn't a single episode that fails to make me laugh hard enough to hurt my ribs. And as you can see, I thought over HALF of this season was literal perfection. There are many episodes that have no, or little to no problems with them. Most of them are some of the best the show had to offer. Another thing I have to say is that Another Simpsons Clip Show gets... way too much hate. I mean the episode is not amazing or anything like that, but I wouldn't dare put it in a bottom 10 when there is some clearly worse writing in the show. Anyway, I love this season so much. Every episode here is really enjoyable, in my opinion, many of the episodes have no flaws at all, the characters are great, the stories are top notch, and it's just such an enjoyable season. I can't see ANY problems with this season at all.

Season 6 overall: Perfect (20/20)

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