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Over the weekend, I created three templates to help our Credit pages look more like the credits in the episodes. They are Template:Cr1, Template:Cr2 and Template:Cap.

The first two are for displaying a line of text that's usually centered and for displaying info in two columns. Both include switches so you can select left-aligned, centered or right-aligned.

The Cap template has two functions: taking lowercase text like you're reading right now and displaying it in uppercase, and for making smaller capitals. It works with links, so we can put a link to the page for Sam Simon without having to create a redirect that says SAM SIMON.

I've converted the Credits page for Lost Verizon so you can see what it looks like. Some of them, like the Executive Producers list, I combined together instead of doing it more literal where you have one or two names per screen and then the next screen has one or two more who have the Executive Producer title.

Further on down in the Closing Credits section, you can see some of them are closer together. The differences are as follows:

Wider spacing is done with two blank lines, like this:

{{Cr1|80|C|'''Written by''' <br> {{Cap|U|John Frink}} }}

{{Cr1|80|C|'''Directed by''' <br> {{Cap|U|[[Raymond S. Persi]]}} }}

For closer spacing, the Spacer template was used:

{{Cr2|80|L|'''Assistant Director|R|{{Cap|U|[[Shannon O'Connor]]}} }}

{{Cr2|80|L|'''Animation Timer|R|{{Cap|U|[[Carlton Batten]]}} }}

Feel free to give other Credit pages a facelift so they match the new format. The "Opening Credits" are for any credit shown from the beginning of the episode to the first commercial break. Put the rest in the "Closing Credits" section.

And before anyone asks, we do have a different template that can show text in the Akbar font used by the show, but it currently only works with SimpsonsFU.pngSimpsonsFP.pngSimpsonsFP.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFR.pngSimpsonsFC.pngSimpsonsFA.pngSimpsonsFS.pngSimpsonsFE.png  SimpsonsFL.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFT.pngSimpsonsFT.pngSimpsonsFE.pngSimpsonsFR.pngSimpsonsFS.png and it has a couple other limitations. Standard text is more readable anyway.