As request for Simpsons Font is increasing in the wiki, I've created a triple part Wikisimpsons:Mini Project. This project will make simpsons font available for everyone and making it as easy as typing. Changing the default font of the wiki to simpsons font is possible, but viewers who haven't downloaded the font (99.9999%) Will see their computers default font; usually Times New Roman. The project will be completely different.

Mini-Project:Simpsons Font for Everyone
Phase I
The Images
Phase II
The Templates
Phase III
Easy Access

Phase I (Complete)



This part of the project would be me uploading all the individual letters of the alphabet plus some punctuation.

For example: I will upload the letter "A" under the name SimpsonsFA.png, "B" as SimpsonsFB.png, and "!" as SimpsonsFexclamation.png

However, please do not use the images to write in simpsons font until at least Phase II is complete.

Phase II (Complete)

Phew. Phase I is finally done after 20 min of hard work...

Template:SF. This will be the base template that we will build on. Here's the coding:


Type in {{SF|H}}{{SF|E}}{{SF|L}}{{SF|L}}{{SF|O}}...

To make: SimpsonsFHSimpsonsFESimpsonsFLSimpsonsFLSimpsonsFO. You can also customize.

eg. {{SF|H|50px}}{{SF|E|40px}}{{SF|L|30px}}{{SF|L|20px}}{{SF|O|10px}}

To make: SimpsonsFHSimpsonsFESimpsonsFLSimpsonsFLSimpsonsFO...

Seems complicated? Correct. Phase III will be about simplifying the template.

Phase III (Complete)

Wikimarkup users

Check out MediaWiki:Edittools. See the section that says Simpsons Font:. After the Simpsons Font heading there is text you can click on. When editing a page this will appear at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the links ({{SF|A}}, {{SF|B}} etc. Will insert the template. This will ensure super fast Simpsons Font. Why not try it out at our sandbox?


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Richtext users

Sorry guys.

The project is finally complete!

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