Is it just me... or is The Simpsons' popularity dwindling? Did I use dwindling right? If so, is it because people think that The Simpsons is just a cartoon? Is it just a cartoon? To me, at least its not just a cartoon. It has a deeper meaning.

It reveals the realities of life in a comical way - most cases in crude humor. It pokes fun at issues both controversial and trivial. And all other things with significance. Disrespect against women, plight of laborer's, corruption both political and moral, destruction of the environment, racism - to name a few. Whether the legendary animated sitcom is directly or indirectly revealing these- it does not matter. The fact is that it is showing these realities yet no one sees the show that way.

Call me cuckoo but I remain steadfast at the notion that the show has something to teach us.

Or is it that most people are just casual fans of The Simpsons? Like "Ooooh- Its the Simpsons!" *change channel. Its really popular but I can't see it cause its like... umm.... hidden? Unlike those guys who are crazy cosplaying anime and shit? Which renders my second paragraph as crap in which case I ask then "Why can't people see the big picture?"- then my second paragraph becomes something significant.

Whats the point of this again? Oh,right.

Maybe if the people see the deeper side of the show, then maybe they'd appreciate it with a better sense of understanding.

So to anyone who is reading this, do you have anything to say? If you have to say anything but I DO encourage you to say something.

Food for thought! Or is it thought of food?

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