TheShadowCrow TheShadowCrow 25 November 2011

I'm Back

Just wanted to say sorry for my inactivity in the past week. Something urgent came up, but I'm back now.

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TheShadowCrow TheShadowCrow 21 May 2011

Hidden Simpson Anagrams

Did anyone ever notice that if you switch the letters around...

"Homer Simpson" spells "He romps in Mo's"

"Bartholomew JoJo Simpson" spells "Win jobless major to oomph"

"Margaret Simpson" spells "Saint programmes"

"Lisa Marie Simpson" spells "SOS an imperialism"

"Marge Simpson" spells "Is men's mag pro"

"Moe Szyslak" spells "Ok lazy mess"

"Timothy Lovejoy" spells "Joy to my hot evil"

"Milhouse Van Houten" spells "Voluminous heathen"

"Principal Skinner" spells "Rank sin principle"

"Groundskeeper Willie" spells "Weedkiller genius pro"

"Charles Montgomery Burns" spells "Humbly stronger romances"

"Nedward Flanders" spells "Darn flawed nerds"

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