The Vicious Monkeys are a group of four mean and crazy monkeys who live in Brazil and try to bite citizens there, including Ronaldo.


In the Li'l Writeoffs video, Ronaldo mentions that he and the rest of the orphanage had enough money to buy a new front door for the Orfanato Dos Anjos Imundos, and now the vicious monkeys will not bite him. Seconds later, he sees them running towards him, and he runs away from the monkeys while shutting the door. The vicious monkeys approach towards the door and jump wildly while screeching, not knowing that they're not inside. Ronaldo peeks from the door's peephole and says that the monkeys had a lot of sugar today.[1]


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The Vicious Monkeys recently appeared in The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a limited time character who were one of the Act 3 prizes that can be earned during the Destination Springfield 2017 event.



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