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Victorian Whodunnit couch gag
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The Victorian Whodunnit couch gag is the fourth couch gag of Season 23.


The Simpson family, in Victorian clothes, walk into the Victorian-style living room and sit on the couch as usual. Suddenly, the lights go out and a gunshot is heard. The lights go back on, and a dead Homer is seen on the couch with the rest of the family looking at him in confusion.

Clancy Wiggum and Lou enter the scene, and Wiggum inspects it with his magnifying glass. He blames the crime on Bart, who gets arrested and taken away by Lou as he calls for Marge. Marge is about to cry about Bart leaving, but the gun is seen hidden in her hair, so it was Marge who accidentally shot Homer and she could've been blamed for the crime. She notices the gun, hides it, and smiles embarrassingly.

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