Viktor was an Ukrainian mob boss who lived in Kiev, Ukraine.


When Viktor was at a party years earlier, terrorists started attacking and his wife was accidentally killed by Wayne Slater. A while later at his home, he looked through his e-mails and found a link to MyTube. After watching "Auto-tune disaster song", he saw a video showing Wayne attacking Mr. Burns. He came to Springfield to kill him and found Homer there. After a short conversation, Homer told him that Wayne has no friends, except him. Victor asked him if Wayne would attempt to rescue one of his friends, and Homer replied "only if they were tortured". So the henchmen kidnapped him, and sent a video about it to Channel 6 News. Wayne went to find Homer, as he had eaten some tracking devices accidentally. He came to Little Ukraine and found Homer trapped at an ice rink, with terrorists skating around him. Wayne shot all of them using a gun loaded with fire, T-shirts and gas, and freed Homer. Victor then arrived and took Wayne's gun, as well as having his own. Homer,feeling cold put his hands in Viktor's armpit and it tickles Viktor, then Wayne grabs a shard of glass and throws it at Viktor's neck, killing him.


  • Victor has an Apple Mac-like computer (most likely a Mapple product).

Behind the Laughter

  • Wayne killing Victor's wife and later killing Victor himself is a reference to 24, where Sutherland's character Jack Bauer accidentally killed Victor Drazen's wife and daughter, and later killed Drazen himself.



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