Vincent Price was an American actor.


Marge and Lisa were playing with "Vincent Price's Egg Magic" and soon discovered that the box is "feet-less" and called up the company for replacements. Marge talked to Vincent via the phone, which she responded that she thought he was dead. Vincent told Marge that the grave could never tame him, and if she was calling about the missing feet she should leave her address and the replacement feet will be rushed to her by his grandson Jody. After speaking to Marge he returned to the sweet embrace of the crypt. Later when John Madden and Pat Summerall had finished the resume of the episode they get on a bus, with the driver being Vincent Price.[1]

During his non-commercial comedy phase, Krusty commented on dead celebrities being used to promote products, and how he saw "poor old Vincent Price floating around in a toilet keg telling me about the horrors of an unfresh bowl".[2]

Behind the Laughter

Dan Castellaneta provided the voice of the Vincent Price character.



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