Vittorio Amandola (November 4, 1952 - July 22, 2010) was an Italian actor, voice actor, dialogue writer and theater director. In the Italian version of The Simpsons, he voiced Waylon Smithers from Seasons 1-20. He was married to voice actress Sonia Scotti who was the second voice of Marge Simpson and he was also the stepfather to her two children from a previous relationship. One of which is a voice actress.

Amandola was also very active in the Disney Renisannce period, doing Italian dubbing work for characters, most notably Lumière in Beauty and the Beast.

Amandola died of cancer in Rome on July 22, 2010 at the age of 57. Pasquale Anselmo took over as the voice of Smithers after his death. Maurizio Reti also served as an understudy in Season 13.

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