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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (Born October 7, 1952) is the current president and former prime minister of Russia.


In one Hulu clip, Bart Simpson tried pranking Putin, but Putin retaliated to the prank with a bazooka shot.[1]

His name was seen on Donald Trump's cellphone contacts.[2] During the 2016 US presidential election, Putin disguised himself as a typical American and tried to convince Homer to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. He was discovered when Homer took his mask off. Despite this, he was still able to vote for Trump anyway, left the Springfield Elementary School riding a horse.[3]

During the song and dance performance of "Goodbye, Middle Class", Lisa Simpson asked where the elderly voters were getting their cues. Tucker Carlson then appeared on Fox News on a giant TV screen endorsing Putin for US president.[4]

Behind the Laughter[]

At the time of his brief appearance in the 2011 episode "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution", Putin was prime minister of Russia. He began his third term as president in 2012.