WALL·E is a Disney/Pixar trash compacting robot that is left behind on Earth 700 years in the future when all humans leave on a spaceship so they do not have to deal with Earth's problems.

Homer meets WALL·E in "The Burns and the Bees" when he has a thought of what the Earth would be like without honey, and it looks exactly the same as it does in the movie albeit colored green.

He makes a second appearance in "Stealing First Base", during the montage when Nikki was giving Bart CPR, he is seen getting kissed by EVE.


His third appearance is in "Angry Dad: The Movie" when at the Grammys, he appears slightly different (along with a lot of other Pixar characters altered as well) and holds a gun at Lisa as a parody of "You've got a friend in me", "You've got an enemy", plays.


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