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The Wacky Races couch gag is the third couch gag of Season 24. It is based on the classic 1968 Hanna-Barbera cartoon "Wacky Races".


The Simpson family runs in as usual, but the couch has a wheel beside it, and when they sit on the couch, they transform into characters from Wacky Races. Homer takes the wheel, and the couch drives off and onto the road with the family. Eventually, many other characters take the road, too, and they get into a Wacky Races-esque race down the road with the Simpson family.

They get close to the finish line, but unfortunately, all of the racers crash each other into a big pileup, and they're very close to the finish. Grampa suddenly shows up in his elevating chair, crosses the finish, and yells, "Beat ya!" to the others. Homer, noticing that Grampa won without crashing, shouts, "D'oh!".

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  • According to the announcer, the names of each of the vehicles are:
    • The Simpsons = The Sofa Speedsters
    • The Wiggums = The Piggly Wiggums
    • Bumblebee Man = The Bumble Buggy
    • Mr. Burns and Smithers = The Greed Hornet
    • Dr. Hibbert = Dr. Vroom
    • Groundskeeper Willie = Last Cow A Go-Go
    • Cletus, Brandine, Whitney, International Harvester, Jitney, Crystal Meth, Dubya & Incest = Hick Dastardly
    • Professor Frink = The Frink-en Continental
    • Abraham Simpson II = Unnamed
  • A few of the characters are dressed up as Wacky Races characters, too:
    • Homer as Peter Perfect
    • Marge and Sarah as Penelope Pitstop
    • Mr. Burns as Dick Dastardly
    • Grampa as Muttley (he also does a laugh similar to Muttley's when he wins)
    • Willie as Rufus Ruffcut
    • Cletus as Lazy Luke
    • Frink as Professor Pat Pending

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