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"Waiting for Duffman" is the seventeenth episode of Season 26.


After Homer becomes the temporary Duffman and has to stay sober on the job, he soon sees the bad side of drinking.


When the Duffman actor undergoes hip replacement surgery following an injury during a parade and retires, Duff Beer sets up a reality show presented by Cat Deeley in order to find his replacement. After seeing the announcement Homer tells Marge that he wants to be Duffman because then he would become a great figure and be recognized for doing something incredible. During the competition, Homer is up against some strong competitors but he makes it to the final. However another competitor wins, at least until a tattoo of another beer brand is found on his back so Homer wins the competition. The family goes to the Duff Brewery to learn about Duff's history and where Homer takes the oath and given the uniform. Homer is excited to be the mascot and drink as much Duff as he wants but the Duff owner H.K. Duff tells him that he has inserted him with a chip that will reveal if he drinks, because he must stay sober on the job. Homer does show despair but it is drowned out by Marge's statements of how this will be great for Homer. Before long Homer does great as Duffman as the sales of Duff rise high after the company discovers that people actually like someone who looks worse than them selling them beer. The Simpsons also get a large amount a Duff merchandise, but Homer is still disappointed that he can't drink any beer but knows he's doing it to make his mark.

While sober, Homer sees the misery that Duff is causing to the people and environment of Springfield such as littering, crashes and even insects acting wobbly. At a motor racing event, he gives out alcohol-free beer as a placebo in an attempt to convince the audience that alcohol is not essential for a good time. This angers them, and they form an angry mob. Mr. Duff fires Homer, and tells him that there was no chip, so Homer returns to heavy drinking. Later, Mr. Duff tracks down the former Duffman who is now working at a coffee shop, and convinces him to take his old job back.

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