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Chief Wiggum: Okay people, show's over, nothing to eat here. Now move along, if you can. If not, we're gonna have to take you in.
Albert: Clancy, what are you doing? You're one of us!
Chief Wiggum: You're right. Take me in, Lou! (cuffed) Ow, ah. (shoved into the police car numerous times) Hey! Why? You seem to be enjoying this.
Lou: Just doing my job, Chief.
Chief Wiggum: (tased) Oh, that's some nice tase work, Lou.

(The Springfieldians tie Moleman to a horse and released it into the desert)
Homer: Boy, sure is nice not to be the one on the horse for a change.
Hans Moleman: As mayor, I balanced the budget eight times!
Lisa: I still believe in this town! A town that deserves it's own original song! And as an aspiring musician with off-Broadway dreams, I'm the one to write it.
Mayor Quimby: So ordered.
Pharrell Williams: I'll write the song.
Otto: Pharrell Williams!
Mayor Quimby: I'm sorry everyone, but the eight year-old girl got there first.
Pharrell Williams: I understand... (Starts singing "Happy") It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine, she's here, you can take a break. (The Springfieldians tie him to another horse and released it into the desert) Shelbyville Rules!! Springfield Drools!!

(Lisa is trying to write tha anthem with Bart beside her)
Lisa: Let's see... What rhymes with "Jebediah"?
Bart: Tire fire?
Lisa: Patty and Selma?
Bart: Fatty and Smell ya.
Lisa: Mr. Teeny?
Bart: Sister Wienie.
Lisa: (Surprised) You got a gift!
Bart: Well, don't be so surprised. I did wrote that "Lisa, It's your Birthday" song.
Lisa: Yeah, with that mental patient who thought he was Michael Jackson.
Bart: Whoa! Thinking back, I'm kind of surprised Mom and Dad let a crazy man spend all night in my bedroom.
Homer: Simpler time.

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