The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby
Warrin' Priests (Part One)
Warrin' Priests (Part Two)


  • This is the third double-length episode of the series, after "Who Shot Mr. Burns" and "The Great Phatsby".
  • This episode had the lowest ratings of any episode in the series.
  • The members of the AA group meeting Krusty mentions include: Lenny, Carl, Bumblebee Man, Kent Brockman, Doris Freedman, King Toot and Disco Stu.
  • There are several fourth wall breaks in this episode:
    • While Lisa and Bode are meditating, a notice appears stating that the "Animation Budget Exceeded".
    • Milhouse hopes if part two, while be about his rescue.
    • A "Next Week" segment appears at the end of the episode.

Cultural References

  • The name of this episode is a reference to the novel "War and Peace".
  • Christlist is a parody of Craigslist.
  • The "Jesus Says Relax" t-shirt is a parody of the "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt from the music video for Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
  • The sausages from the "Sausage Races" during Milwaukee Brewers baseball games make an appearance in the baseball-themed restaurant.


  • Jimbo was in church making out with Shauna, but was somehow sending Milhouse up the flagpole at the same time.
  • Maggie doesn’t appear in A Batter Place.
  • Marge says that Homer somehow sold the house, but Ned Flanders became the legal owner in "No Loan Again, Naturally".
    • In addition, Bode says the attempt failed due to the house not passing inspection, but the realtors were able to auction it off, not only to Ned, but to an attempt from Mr. Burns in the above mentioned episode.
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