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Good Night
Watching Television
Bart Jumps
Announcer: (on TV) We'll be right back after this word!
[Bart and Lisa begin to fight.]
Announcer: (on TV) And now back to our show!

[Bart and Lisa continue to fight with each other.]
[Maggie changes the channel.]
Bart: Hey!
Lisa: Don't change that channel!
Bart: We're watching that show!
[Bart and Lisa begin to fight for the third time.]

Lisa: This is a dorky show, Bart. Change the channel.
Bart: No
Lisa: Change the channel.
Bart: No.
Lisa: Change the channel.
Bart: No.
Lisa: Change the channel.
Bart: No.
[Maggie changes the channel again.]
Lisa and Bart: Hey! Turn that back on!
Lisa: Change the channel.
Bart: No.
(Bart and Lisa repeat the same thing twelve times)
Lisa: (twelfth time) CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!
Bart: (twelfth time) NO!!

Homer: Well, here we are. The whole family. All together, sharing, getting to know each other, exchanging ideas, stories and laughs, snuggling up, bonding together as only a tightly-knit family can. Why, we're more than a-
Bart: Dad, you can stop now! The commercial's over and the show's back on.
Homer: Oh. Oh, yeah.

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