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Waylon Joseph Smithers, Sr. was Waylon Smithers, Jr.'s father and was Mr. Burns' assistant at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He died of radiation poisoning due to sacrificing his life to save Springfield and especially his son. After his death, his corpse was disposed of by being placed down a drainage pipe because Mr. Burns said that cover-ups were all the rage back then.

Almost 2 decades later, Smithers' corpse is discovered by a young Homer while swimming in the watering hole, which traumatized him for life. Many years later, Homer remembered this incident. This caused him to scream for several days. After investigating it with his family, he discovers the skeleton which Bart shows the skull to Mr. Burns. Burns relates the story of his heroic death as he died stopping the reactor core from having a meltdown for the first time.

Smithers finally finds out the truth as Burns shows the film to the Simpsons. Burns had previously told Smithers that his father had been killed by Amazon women (which is implied to have QUITE an effect on Smithers' lifestyle). Afterwards, Homer takes the skull and places it in his memory box despite Marge telling to give that skull to Mr. Smithers.


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