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Wayne Slater's boss is a CIA agent whom Wayne Slater used to work under.


During one of Wayne's flashbacks caused by Mr. Burns trying to put a silver safety helmet on his head as a reward, Wayne was seen as the former CIA agent in the office, talking with a man who was, probably, his boss. The man congratulated Wayne, saying that thanks to him "we did not lose the visible side of the moon."

Wayne replied that he was only doing his job. The man then sayed that he was doing it all too well, and per protocol, his memory needed to be erased. As two guards grabbed Wayne's arms, the man pulled out a memory erasing helmet and stepped towards Wayne. However, Wayne broke free of the guards' grasp and took them out. He then grabbed the helmet and stuck it on his boss' head, pressing the button to turn the helmet on.

As his boss' memory was being erased, Wayne's flashback ended and he was shown strangling Mr. Burns, calling him a "fascist bastard".

Behind the Laughter

  • It is unknown whether Wayne's boss is still alive or not. Although his death is never shown, as Wayne's flashback ended, he was seen strangling Mr. Burns in an attepmt to kill him. It is possible that Wayne strangled his old boss to death after putting the helmet on his head.
  • In Wayne's boss' office, a sign hangs on the wall that reads "Urgent: Osama in Abbottabad- Get him now!"