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"We Put the Spring in Springfield" is an Emmy-winning song performed during The Simpsons Season 8 episode "Bart After Dark". Homer and Bart witness the townspeople destroying the Masion Derrière, but Homer starts singing how Springfield needs the house. Soon, everyone joins in with the song. Marge arrives soon after to help them destroy the house with a bulldozer, but she didn't hear the song so she doesn't understand that everyone has second thoughts. Marge starts her own song, but she accidentally destroys part of the house. The music was written by Alf Clausen and the lyrics by Ken Keeler. It is the fourth track on the album Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons. It is also featured in the Season 9 clip episode, "All Singing, All Dancing."



My friends, stop!!
Hans Moleman: (holding a bow with a flaming arrow)
Please hurry.
Sure, we could tear this house down...
(everyone resumes demolition of the building)
NO!! MY FRIENDS, STOP!!!! Lemme finish. We could tear it down, but we'd be tearing down a part of ourselves.

The Song:

You could close down Moe's,
Or the Kwik-E-Mart,
And nobody would care,
But the heart and soul
Of Springfield's in
Our Maison Derriere
(music starts)
We're the sauce on your steak,
We're the cheese in your cake,
We put the "Spring" in Springfield
Dancing Girl 1:
We're the lace on the nightgown,
Dancing Girl 2:
The point after touchdown,
Belle and Dancing Girls:
Yes, we put the "Spring" in Springfield
We're that little extra spice
That makes existence extra nice,
A giddy little thrill
At a reasonable price
Reverend Lovejoy:
Our only major quarrel's
With your total lack of morals
Dancing Girl 3:
Our skimpy costumes ain't so bad,
Dancing Girl 4:
They seem to entertain your dad
Belle and Dancing Girls:
The gin in your martini,
The clams on your linguine,
Yes we keep the
(Belle flicks Bumblebee Man's antenna)
In Springfield
Chief Wiggum, Krusty, and Seymour Skinner:
We remember our first visit,
Mayor Quimby:
The service was exquisite
Martha Quimby:
(talking) Why Joseph, I had no idea!
Mayor Quimby:
(talking) Come on now, you were working here!
Grampa and Jasper:
Without it we'd have had no fun
Since March of 1961
To shut it down now would be twisted,
Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney:
We just heard this place existed
Dancing Girls:
We're the highlights in your hairdo,
The extra arms on Vishnu,
Dancing Girls:
So don't take the
(Barney opens a Krusty-in-the-box)
We won't take the
(Sideshow Mel blows on his slide-whistle)
Yes, let's keep the
(Moe crashes two garbage can lids together)
In Springfield
(Krusty hits his face with a pie, Willie accidentally hits Lenny in the head with a sledgehammer, Chief Wiggum and Comic Book Guy bounce their bellies together, Burns honks the horn on his antique car, Sea Captain reels in with his fishing rod in the fountain, and Barney burps).


Well, I'm convinced. The house stays!
Reverend Lovejoy:
This house is a very, very, very fine house.