In the Name of the Grandfather
Wedding for Disaster
Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe
Homer: Reverend Lovejoy, you deliver pizza now? But we didn't order any pizza. You forgot the pizza anyway. Marge, the pizza place screwed up again!

Homer: So will you marry me in style?
Marge: (in tears) Oh, yes, Homer, yes!
Homer: Did you hear that Santa? She said "Yes"! Yes! Now back to your cold airless tomb.
(Homer puts the Santa toy in the box)
Santa: Ho ho ho!

Marge: A pimple! Not on my day you don't.
(the pimple on Marge's neck shrinks into nothing)

Marge: Now we are 11 seconds behind schedule.
(Marge sees that the room is empty.)
Marge: Homer! (sobbing)
(Maggie hears Marge sobbing through the walkie talkie and cues the band to play "When the Saints Go Marching In")

[The plant snaps at the man.]
Man: No! You're a plant now!

Parson: I remember when she [Helen Lovejoy] used to be Helen Schartzbaum. Heck, I even remember when she was Harold Schartzbaum!
Rev. Lovejoy: What?

Marge: Homer, I can't believe you're ruining the second Thursday before the wedding!

Homer: If Marge is like this now, then what will she be like after we're married?

Bart: So you and mom aren't married? Does that mean I'm a bastard?
Lisa: Technically, you were born while they were married, so legally, no. But, in the sense that when someone calls you that when you're angry, yes.
Bart: Eh, Whatever.
Lisa: I think it's romantic. You can pretend you're newlyweds starting a life together!
Bart: Yeah, instead of exhausted zombies running down the clock.
Homer: Why, you little bastard! [growling while strangling Bart]
Lisa: That's the angry one.
Bart: [strangling while Homer grunting] Uh-huh.

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