In the Name of the Grandfather
Wedding for Disaster
Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe


  • This is the first episode that Sideshow Bob was both the main focus and yet not the main antagonist behind the events of said episode since Brother from Another Series. Instead, Patty and Selma are the antagonists, this time. (Ironically, Selma was a previous target of Bob.)
  • Ironically, Sideshow Bob had the perfect chance to kill Bart, but instead, gave him advice.
  • Sideshow Bob seems to have ditched his family and turned good but he returned in Season 21 again.
  • It’s implied in this episode that Homer's trademark line of "Why you little...!" when about to strangle Bart, when done fully, is "Why you little bastard!"
  • This episode marks the first time ever that Patty and Selma were shown as the episode`s main antagonist. This is also the first time they did something very hurtful to Marge (Ruining the remarriage and kidnapping Homer).
  • On June 28, 2009, three days after Michael Jackson’s death, this episode was dedicated to Michael Jackson with a picture of Leon Kompowsky from “Stark Raving Dad” along with the caption "In Memory of Michael Jackson".
  • This episode was rated TV-14 DLSV.
  • As Marge and Homer's marriage from the episode 'A Milhouse Divided' was void, this meant that Homer's marriage to Amber in 'Viva Ned Flanders' wasn’t bigamous and that Grampa isn't married to her, either.
    • This episode is a sequel to A Milhouse Divided as Marge mentions that Homer got them divorced fearing they would end like Kirk and Luann and in this episode they’re officialy married after that.
  • When you look closely at the cash register in the opening, before Maggie is scanned it says 243.26 but after it says 486.32, meaning Maggie is worth 243.06. 


  • When the parson tells Reverend Lovejoy how he remembers his wife Helen as a boy named Harold Schwarzbaum, it caused confusion whether or not Helen is transsexual or not. However, it was just misconstrued by fans, as she appeared as a young girl in "The Way We Weren't" and has a daughter. The joke was just that the parson mistook her.

Cultural References

  • The way Patty and Selma hold Homer hostage and torture him is similar to the way Jigsaw captures and tortures his victims in the Saw movies.
  • The Parson's appearance, voice and singing style appear to be based on Bing Crosby.
  • Homer calls Marge a "bridezilla" at one point, alluding to a TV series featuring brides at their worst behavior.
  • During Homer and Marge's argument regarding the latter's current attitude about the wedding, Maggie, while clearly terrified by their fighting, imagines Marge and Homer as Godzilla and King Kong (or rather King Homer), respectively.
  • When Sideshow Bob explains what the initials "SB" stood for, besides Selma Bouvier, he also lists Scott Baio, the Sultan of Brunai, and the former Polish secret police Służba Bezpieczeństwa.
  • While they were gloating and laughing at Homer's humiliation at the DMV, Selma and Patty's computer briefly shows the multicolored lines screensaver for Windows operating systems.
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