This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Weird Al Yankovic.

"Weird Al" Yankovic is a parody singer and actor.


Marge hired Weird Al Yankovic to write a love song called "Homer and Marge" for her and Homer that successfully persuaded Homer to come home after Homer had left to live with two gay people, Julio and Grady.

He also did a parody song Brain Freeze of Sadgasm's song Shave Me that Homer saw on TV. His appearance was a little different. He wore glasses and had a mustache in his second appearance. This was because Al had that appearance in the early 1990s, switching to his current style in 1999.

Lisa's list of cutest vegetarians contains Weird Al's name.


  • Over the end credits of "Three Gays of the Condo", Al sings a slightly different version of "Homer and Marge", the parody song he sings during the episode.
  • Weird Al recently appeared as a character in The Simpsons: Tapped Out during the Homerpalooza 2017 event.


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