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"Werking Mom" is the seventh episode of Season 30.


Marge wants a job, and stumbles into becoming a plastic food storage container-selling drag queen. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make the world better in the style of "Amelie".

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Marge after seeing that her tupperware sales are ignored,so julio decided to help marge in her tupperware party but when the invited people where the julio mentioned marge as a "he" giving them the idea that marge is a drag queen,after feeling like a liar marge stays conflicted about the sales then julio shows her his alter-ego penelope cruising,he also told marge that he was mr.burn´s date in the kennedy awards.Marge then after says that next time she will be herself but julio kept saying that was her but only with confidance,but marge thinks he is only being nice then julio says "all tupperware sellers are drag queens" then the screen puses and a phrase written in white shows: "it is true","here's a link","don't believe us? here are more links".

After looking in the side marge sees that a talking tupperware tells her to go right ahead into it and sets an example of itself saying that he comes written lunch snacks but everyone puts weed inside of him,and then another says that he is for bread,the bread bought with the money made by selling tupperwares,then the tupperware and marge hive-five,julio looks into marge and asks if she just hive-fived that tupperware,the tupperware says stay chill marge,stay chill.



Queen Chante mentions eddie murphy.

At the end of the episiode the song called "you make me feel (mighty real) by sylvester plays while queen chante leave the room saying "byeeeeeeeeee!" which may be a reference to mean girls.

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