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Werking Mom
Krusty the Clown (episode)

"Werking Mom" is the seventh episode of Season 30.


Marge wants a job, and stumbles into becoming a plastic food storage container-selling drag queen. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make the world better in the style of Amelie.

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Marge decides to become a Tubberware salesperson. She decides to ask people if they want to hold Tubberware parties. Marge after seeing that her attempts at Tubberware sales are ignored, lets Julio help her at her Tubberware party. Julio gives Marge a makeover which makes all of the people invited think she is a drag queen. Julio goes along with it mentioning Marge as a he. After feeling like a liar, Marge stays conflicted about the sales then Julio shows her his alter-ego Penelope Cruising, who was Mr. Burns' date in the Kennedy Center Honors. Julio convinces Marge to stay a drag queen.

Meanwhile, Lisa, after letting Jasper Beardsley relive his childhood, decides to go do nice things for people, starting with making Kirk and Luann Van Houten love each other again by writing a note disguised as Shauna Chalmers saying "Hey handsome! Call me. I'm Shauna", causing Luann to move closer to Kirk. The next person Lisa decided to help was Gil Gunderson by each taking one of Gil's pamphlets over and over again, using different disguises. Next she decided to try to make Agnes Skinner believe in her son again. She did this by writing a fake journal for Seymour Skinner. She hid the journal in his clothes drawer, were Agnes found it and read it out loud. She wrote: "Mother is a great women." She decides to gives Seymour a gift card as an apology.

Meanwhile, Julio takes Marge to a drag club, where she is introduced to drag queens, Queen Chante, Barbara Streisman, The Mysterious Waylon and Fiona Adam's Apple. She also sees Sideshow Mel. Then they perform a singing and dancing number. It gives her the confidence to stand up to Helen Lovejoy the next day in the grocery store.

At the grocery store, Lisa overhears Agnes and Seymour Skinner talking. She hears them talking about Agnes letting Seymour take karate lessons and moving Seymour's bedtime until after The Big Bang Theory. Soon, Agnes finds out that the journal was a lie and reprimands Seymour. Lisa chimes in asking "How would you know that?" She claims that Seymour never uses semicolons because they make him queasy. Lisa confesses that she planted the journal. Agnes reverts to her old ways, saying that she spoiled Seymour.

At Moe's, Lenny and Carl ask Homer if he knows what Marge is up to. They confess that they know and they have told everyone except him. Moe gives Homer an address to go to if you wants to know the truth. Homer gets to the house where Marge is throwing a Tubberware party where someone asks him if he is on the list. The person at the door tells Homer that Marge is posing as a drag queen and Homer bursts inside the house to confront Marge. Homer tells everyone that Marge isn't actually a drag queen and everyone leaves. They go home. Marge gets mad at Homer and storms off. Marge comes back later and Homer pretends to be asleep. Marge tells herself that she wants nothing to do with him and walks upstairs, where she hears Lisa crying and walks over to her room. She asks if she is okay. She is sad that she failed to help Agnes and Seymour's relationship.

Lisa walks into the cafeteria at lunch the next day. She gets a message written in tater tots to go to the roof. She follows the instructions and she sees all of the people she helped sitting at a table. They sit with her for lunch.

Homer gets an idea while at Moe's and rushes off. Meanwhile, Marge solemnly confesses to the drag queens that she is not a drag queen, but they say that they've known the entire time. She also said to them that they made her realize how selfish Homer is. Homer walks into the room dressed in drag which makes Marge forgive him.

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