Dark Knight Court
What Animated Women Want
Pulpit Friction


  • This episode had a short promotional clip for Pulpit Friction at the end of the credits. This is the first episode to directly advertise another episode.
  • When the apology cards fly out after Marge tried to put one in, one of them says “Oh No!”
  • When the school counselor takes the stuffed bunny from Milhouse, a Bart plush toy can be seen in the closet on top of a box.
  • Lisa is the only main Simpson family member who doesn't appear in the couch gag.
  • The title itself is breaking the fourth wall.

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a pun on the 2000 romantic comedy film What Women Want, which starred Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.
  • The opening couch gag is a reference to the popular television show Breaking Bad, along with the song "Crystal Blue Persuasion", which is used occasionally on Breaking BadBryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who star in Breaking Bad, were seen in a life action bit at the end of the couch gag.
    • Milhouse can be seen eating the blue cupcakes, and throwing the cupcakes at Lisa's window.
  • When Homer bought the Sushi food, the food was talking, There's a movie similar to that which was released three years after air date.
  • The Springfield Tire Guide is a parody of the Michelin Guide.


  • When Milhouse is throwing cupcakes to get Lisa's attention, she opens her window with the right window pane going behind the left (which should have scraped/moved the cupcakes off the right side of her window). When the screen changes points of view, the left pane is behind the right instead.
  • In one frame, one of Milhouse's eyebrows is red.
  • Lisa is barefoot in bed when Milhouse throws cupcakes at her window. Her feet are bigger than they usually are.

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