Pulpit Friction
Whiskey Business
The Fabulous Faker Boy


  • When Homer is telling Marge what TV shows to not delete from the TiVo, he mentions Hoarders, which premiered on A&E on August 17, 2009, Episodes, which premiered on Showtime on January 9, 2011, and Revenge which premiered on ABC on September 21, 2011.
  • The title is a reference to the 1983 smash film "Risky Business".
  • Thicker Than Waters: The Next Generation is likely a title-pun of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The statue of The Capital City Goofball is a reference to the staute of Jesus Christ in Brazil.
  • Moe's whole suit is damaged even though the jacket was the only part caught in the elevator door.
  • Marge tells Moe the plot of Dumbo. Lisa compares Moe to Dumbo and says "So Moe's Dumbo, his bourbon is the giant ears and we're that flock of racist crows?". Then Homer says "The crows weren't racicst the people who drew them were". Referencing that early cartoons back then would have racist jokes that today would be controversial. 
  • When Moe calls the suicide hotline and an operator tells him to wait, Suicide is Painless is playing on the background.

    Lenny and Carl holding hands

  • Maggie Simpson did not appear in this episode. However, she was mentioned twice. First by Marge, when she told Homer that he needed to pick up some food for her, and again by Grandpa when he was spoon feeding the mailbox and addressing it as Maggie, thinking that it was her. She was, however, seen in a picture in the background, while Lisa was on the laptop.
  • During the limo ride through Capital City, while Lenny and Carl are standing up with their heads through the sunroof they briefly hold hands with one another. 

Recorded on the DVR

  • 2009 Oscar Red Carpet (Broadcast Sunday, February 22nd, 2009)
  • Search For The Sun (123 episodes)
  • Admiral Baby (39 episodes)
  • Keeping Up With the Krustofskys (837 episodes)
  • Hoarders (Mentioned by Homer)
  • Episodes (" ")
  • Revenge (" ")
  • Itchy & Scratchy (1328 episodes)
  • Happy Little Elves (224 episodes)
  • Transclownomorphs (22 episodes)
  • Planet Jackson and the Earth Brigade (17 episodes)
  • Thicker Than Waters (50 episodes)
  • Thicker Than Waters: The Next Generation (22 episodes)
  • Westminster Dog Shows (Mention by Marge)
  • American Masters Kitty Carlisle (" ")

At the Focus Group

  • Soccer Mom
  • Latina Granny
  • NASCAR Dad
  • Gay Man/Disposable Income (Grady)
  • Return to the Nester
  • Cop With a Secret
  • Single Mother, 19 Kids (Brandine)
  • Doesn't Like Anything (Seems to love it)

Drinks at Moe's Party

  • The Maker's Moe-Jito
  • The Maker's Moe-Tini
  • The Maker's Moe-Garita
  • The Maker's Moe-Ld Fashioned
  • The Flaming Moe


  • Marge says that Homer has worn the same pair of pants every day for 20 years. This is inconsistent with earlier episodes, notably "My Fair Laddy".
  • Brandine is referred to as a "single mother". In both earlier and later episodes, she and Cletus are happily married.

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