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White-Haired Girl is a student at Springfield Elementary School and a classmate of Lisa Simpson.


As a background character, she is seen in a majority of student scenes while at school. Her only small role was when she went to Lisa's sleepover with Janey, Becky, and Wanda. She plays the triangle in her music period at school.

Behind The Laughter

Some fans have wondered if her name will ever be revealed anytime in the series. Despite having many appearances she has never been addressed by this. Her name is Margaret Elise "Maggie" Kramer is an American actress, dancer, and model.


  • In the older Opening Sequence, she appears near the broken down school bus in the panoramic shot.



Note: Most of her appearances are brief, background roles. The episode in which she has an actual role is in bold.

-Bart's Locker (Among the crowd of students in the school's hallway)