Wiggle Puppy is one of Ralph Wiggum's imaginary friends. Ralph says he can fly by wagging his tail, and goes on adventures with him every day. Ralph Wiggum thinks he's a real dog.

Wiggle Puppy has featured in the Simpsons comics several times. A good example is the comic "Chili Chili Bang Bang" when he is Clancy Wiggum's spirit guide.

Midhurst resident Ryan McColl is credited as the creator of the name for Ralph's dog. He also is credited with creating the name of Wiggle Puppy's companion cat, 'Boom Boom Pointy Kitty,' seen in one comic.

Behind the Laughter

In the Ralph Book, Wiggle Puppy "helps" citizens in need, only to hurt them in a manner worse than what was currently inflicted on them.



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