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Don't you worry about Wikipedia... we'll change it when we get home.
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Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that anyone with a user account can edit unless they are blocked.


Snake once told Gloria that someone had been editing his page on Wikipedia and that he wanted her to kill them.[1] Sideshow Bob went on Wikipedia to look up a Shakespeare quote on a computer that he had set up to explode. The website took too long load, however, and the computer blew up in his face rendering him unconscious.[2] When Bart and Homer were talking about Dean Martin, Bart states that Wikipedia says that Martin is passionate about rehearsal, to which Homer replies that they'll change Wikipedia when they get home.[3] When Joey Kramer was at Moe's Tavern, Homer asked if it was accurate that Wikipedia says "Walk This Way" was inspired by Young Frankenstein.[4] Channel 6 network executives told Krusty that they were firing him. One of the reasons was that many of his joke references meant that kids had to look it up on Wikipedia to understand what he meant.[5]

When Lisa met Hank Scorpio in the Turkish prison, he said she was adorable, and that they were all about to be shot as escaped prisoners, while she recited his Wikipedia entry.[6]

In Lisa's first chatter she wrote that she has seen the best minds of her generation destroyed by Wikipedia, dragging themselves through the unsourced pages until dawn.[7]

When Waylon Smithers, Jr. employed some Huli Tribesmen at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Mr. Burns asked if they were practicing cannibals. Smithers told Mr. Burns that they might be and he'll check it out on Wikipedia.[8]

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Wikipedia is a real-life website with over five million articles in English.

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