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Wild, Wild Bart
The Case of The Hanging Shoes From the Secret Files of Lisa Simpson

Wild, Wild Bart is the first story arc in Bart Simpson Comics 5: Menace to Society, which was published in August 2001. Unlike most of the other arcs in the comic series, this one is split into two parts.


Part 1

The story starts off explaining that the arc is set in the Western Territory in 1872, the wells are empty and the river and creekbeds have ran dry. Bart is then seen firing plungers at a poster of Dr. Ralph Branelrss and tells Martimus that he's behind an evil plan to drain out all the water out of the west, putting everyone in danger of running out of water. Martimus then comes in disguised as Sherri stating that she has no idea who he is. Bart then quickly realizes that it's him in disguise. Martimus then goes on about how Bart always sees through his disguises. Bart states that Ralph was last seen at the town of Vulture's Gulch, both him and Martimus go after him. When they get to the town's saloon, he asks the barman if he's seen Ralph. Nelson (Who works for Ralph) states that the duo shouldn't be bothering people in here as the boss doesn't like it. After Bart taunts him, Nelson throws a bottle of root beer at the two, causing a massive to start in the bar. The two of them beat up Nelson and his friends, but not before Martimus receiving a wedgie. Bart then gets knocked out after a surprise attack from Jessica who had been working for Ralph.

Part 2

Bart wakes upside down on a turbine on Ralph's Electricity Producing Machine. Jessica states that Bart's Partner has escaped and they were looking for him. Jessica then states they're gonna use the machine to generate endless energy to make hairdryers, radios, computers, machines, whirlpool baths, and televisions (which also allow the creation of animated cartoons). She also reveals that the lake under Bart is filled with piranhas, Nelson them pulls the lever which starts the turbine. Bart then goes through a hidden compartment storage at the bottom of his boot to find a useful item put in their by Martimus, after a couple of failed attempts to find a useful item in there, he comes across a acid-shooting candy dispenser and uses it to escape. Bart then encounters Nelson while trying to escape and believes it Martimus in disguise again. However, it's really Nelson and causes Bart to get punched in the face by him. Bart then puts a piranha in Nelson's pants and then continues escaping and encounters both Jessica and Ralph at the entrance. After taunting her several times by saying that "Ralph is her boyfriend", Jessica kicks Ralph down the stairs leading to the mine. She then tries to escape on a horse, but it turns out to Martimus in disguise. The duo then capture the three villains and have them locked up in a rail car coupled up to a train their riding as Bart and Martimus celebrate their victory.

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