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Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
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Oh, that is it! I'm tired of being pushed around by grown-ups. It's time to fight back!
Bart Simpson

"Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" is the eleventh episode of Season 10.


Homer and his drunken cohorts celebrate an improbable victory by the Springfield Isotopes by trashing the local elementary school. But when the police force fails to locate the real vandals, the town's children are hastily blamed for the rowdiness and punished with a new sunset curfew.

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The family attends a Springfield Isotopes game and Homer is disappointed with the results. He later goes to Moe's where he finds all his bar mates rooting for the Isotopes, as they seem to be actually winning. Homer quickly changes sides and starts cheering for the team. He, Lenny, Carl and Barney, all drunk, start driving around town and spot the baseball field at Springfield Elementary School and start driving around the school grounds and indoors, wrecking it completely. The wreckage is shown on the news the following morning and since no evidence was left by Homer (and Homer does not even remember the incident due to his hangover), Chief Wiggum pins the blame squarely on the kids of the town. He solves this problem by placing a curfew on the town, stating that all children must be indoors by sundown, or else. Some of the kids are taken downtown for curfew due to lacking proper ID, although Nelson gets away largely because he used Julius Hibbert's ID instead.

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The kids are bored with their newfound curfew, especially at the TV selections and the fact that all fun activities seem to be postponing until sundown (i.e. a carnival that only opened at sunset). But they see a commercial on TV for a movie called The Bloodening about creepy children who know all of the town's citizens' secrets. Bart and the other kids set out to see this movie, despite it being shown after curfew. However, they are soon caught by Wiggum and are forced to clean his billboard.


To get even with the adults, the kids gain possession of numerous electronic devices, piece them together and form a working radio transmitter and start their own radio program called "We Know All Your Secrets". This show spreads the town's most well kept secrets across town and angers the adults even more. They track down the transmitter and bust them. They start to fight, leading into a song about kids and adults ("Adults/Kids"). The elderly citizens are woken up by the song and get outraged at the adults and kids. To get even with all of them, they vote on a new curfew, which places anyone under the age of 70 in their homes after sundown.

In the end, Abe walks back out onto Evergreen Terrace, where a group of his fellow elderly people enjoy themselves. A couple of them kick a can about, which offends the Crazy Old Man, causing him to complain all the way through the credits, finishing the episode with "Don't tell me to shush, you stupid lady!" during the Gracie Films logo.

Behind the Laughter

Censorship in the United Kingdom

In October 2002, there was a sniper incident in Washington, DC. BBC2 postponed the episode temporarily because Moe said, "That sniper at the all-star was a blessing in disguise." Chief Wiggum also said in the episode, "Any child found outside after dark will be shot!" Eventually, after “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” first aired, this episode was taken back on the air. The lines were later put back in the episode.


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