William MacDougal II, also known as Mr. MacMoran, is the father of Groundskeeper Willie and his brother Angus. He lives in Scotland and owns a small bar there.


When Willie talks to Lisa about his father at his birth, he appears to be an outraged and abusive man who doesn't care much for the newborn baby. He mentioned that Willie wouldn't amount to anything, and that he would be lucky if he grew up to be 'garbage'. After recalling his birth, Willie claimed that it was the last time they would ever really talked.

Since his birth, Willie's parents were seen again when they came to see Willie at Loch Ness. They didn't appear to talk much to Willie upon his arrival.

Presumably, Willie's father doesn't see him much, as he lives in Scotland.

Judging from past appearances, Willie doesn't have much of a relationship with his father.


According to Groundskeeper Willie, his father was hung for stealing a pig during his youth[1]. Due to his appearance in later episodes, this is considered an opinion.




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